Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lasting impacts of Session 6

There are two kind of lasting effects for this session affecting the Palantir Campaign's PCs. First, there is experience, that's a given. There are also other kinds of lasting effects to take care of.

  • Araliniel
    • 1pt into See Shadow world
  • Arnadil
    • 1pt into Shield (or any technique therein)
    • 1pt into broadsword (or any technique therein)
    • Armor : Your chainmail is damaged on the chest. 11/14 HP*
    • Wound : You ended the session reeling
  • Finbert
    • 1pt into Wrestling (Nice job on the grappling)
    • 1 pt free (for sheer awsomness)
    • Wound : One wound on buttock, danger of infection.
    • Wound : One wound in chest, danger of infection.
    • Clothes are damaged (need mending)
    • Fight blowback : New quirk : uncomfortable around any statues.
  • Galdor
    • No points awarded.
  • Halin
    • 1 pt in Two-handed Mace/Axe (or any related techniques therein)
    • Wound : Untended foot injury, danger of infection.
    • Armor : Left foot solleret damaged, 1HP, uncomfortable.
    • Warhammer : 18HP/20HP due to extensive rock pounding (esp at the end) *
  • Irina
    • 1 pt First-Aid (or toward your ST that you want to build up)
    • 1 pt free
  • Kasper
    • 1 pt Two-handed sword
*Damage on equipment can be fixed, given appropriate equipment, by an armorer (including yourself). 


  1. If the wounded would like Kasper to use his esoteric medicine, it may save their lives.

  2. I was going to ask, as this is very different from the old D&D model, how do we get healed up. I don't have many HP but it would take a while to get up to my 8 if Irina just had to keep doing first aid on me.

    I would like your magic rocks.

    1. Healing is slower in GURPS. There are no magic potions. Magic rocks can treat shock and fight infections. First aid treat shock and stop bleeding. It will take a while to heal back. The rate is 1 HP per day if you make a HT check. There is something that I didn't do right, though. But you have a problem on hands.

    2. Roger that. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I wasn't going to just pop back from that.....oh wait that was the sucking chest wound from the wraith rock.

    3. There is something on your chest that you just have to get rid of.