Monday, April 1, 2013

023 - The bracelet of the King

Oct 30th FA 15

The dust literally settled in the round hall of the Royal Library of Annuminas. Arnadil and Finbert lay on the floor. Arnadil's armor bore the brunt of the blows, but Finbert was not so lucky. Irina managed to contain the bleeding on his buttock, but his chest kept on bleeding for a few more minutes. Irina also tended to Kasper's wounded arm. Halin will need to either fix his boot, or replace it altogether. Had the steel plates not be there, he would have lost his foot.

The company was in a complete daze. Halin took upon himself to destroy the two other relief carvings of knights in the halls. Deprived of legs and arms, Halin looked upon his work and though that his job was now done. Halin considered destroying the statue of Linluile that lay dormant in the shallow pool, but finally decided to let this one statue "live".

 Arnadil identified the fresco on the walls as Lake Evendim during the Golden Age of Annuminas. The female character was a maiar called Linluile, the patron saint of Arnor. Arnadil wasted no time to return to Linluile's hall and inspect the bracelet around the statue's wrist. The bracelet was made of a white gold loop upon which a number of finely cut gemstones were mounted. Between each stone, a small gold bead was inserted. The inscription in Sindarin "King of Men" could be read. Arnadil pondered for a moment whether he should put it on. he declared: "This amulet is the property of King Elessar, I shall keep it until the day that it can be returned." The company lay quiet, they had heard this once before...

Araliniel gently held Arnadil's hand. She uttered a few words and closed her eyes. She could now see into the shadow world, a gift that she received from the teachings of Tarquillan in Minas Tirith. In the shadow world, the bracelet was like a beacon of light in a world of dark outlines. Except for the Palantir of Orthanc, the power in this jewel was the most powerful artifact that she had examined so far. She turned her head left, then right. The locks of all doors adjacent to the hall were also glowing. She opened her eyes: "There is great power in this artifact, Arnadil. I can also see that all locks in the vault are blessed with Arthedain's magic. I do not know what this means, however."

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