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Sir Galdor Ghent-Ylinen, Knight of Dol Amroth

Sir Galdor Ghent-Ylinen, Knight of Dol Amroth
Birthday: 22 December

Galdor is a hereditary knight of Dol Amroth. He barely has acceded to the age of majority and was sent by the Lord of Dol Amroth to Minas Tirith to gain some experience and perspective. He has lived a very sheltered life made of games and feats. As a result, the Lord of the land deemed that he would be of little use as a magistrate on the Gondorean coast until he acquires usable skills such as law. He is currently training as a man-of-law at the Estate office, but is definitively yearning for more. Galdor is hoping that the glory of finding a Palantir would get around the expectations set by the Prince in him.

Early Life in Dol Amroth (age 0 - 7, year TA 3014 - 3021)
Galdor claims elven descent as most of the Numeronean nobility of Belafast. Galdor was born in the small urban estate of Dollum Maru, in the heart of Dol Amroth and in the shades of the Prince's castle. During his hearly life, he was raised at the hard school of Dunedain's nobility: with tutors, lessons and the occasional beating with the cane by his instructors. Galdor emerged as a clever and strong willed child, ready for the next challenge.

During the war of the ring, Prince Imrahil set out with the Swan Company to defend Minas Tirith from the forces of Sauron. His father represented himself well, but eventually fell while charging an army of Haradrim. It is said that Sir Ghent-Ylinen and six colleague felled a Oliphaunt, but he himself succumbed to a mortal wound caused by the monster's tusk. A shard of the Oliphaunt's tusk was presented to Galdor as a memento of the greatest battle of his time.

Skills: Westron, native speaker [0], Sindarin, elven-tongue, native reader, accented speaker [5], bow [3], Falconry [1], Animal handling (dogs) [2], wrestling [3], riding, horse [1], Poetry [2], History, Eriador [2], Area knowledge, Gondor[4], Thaumatology [1] 

Trait: Elven Heritage [5], claim to hospitality [2], Status 2 [10], Code of Honor, Chivalry [-15], Dislike, commoners [-1]

Page in Edoras, Rohan ( age 7 - 14 , year TA 3021 - FA 7 )
By the time Galdor was ready to become a page, Prince Imrahil has agreed to wed his daughter Lothiriel to King Eomer of Rohan. galdor was sent to Edoras as part of the queen consort's retinue. He was placed under the tutelage of Sir Roman Ylinen, a cousin of his father and chief of Dol Amroth's guard of the queen. Galdor loved the Rohirim, despite their mundane Northernling origins. His life mostly consisted in tending to horses, hunting dogs and the queen's falcons. Galdor performed his duty with high distinction and was cited in most year by the queen in her letter to her father.

Skills: Falconry [5], Animal Handling, dogs [8], Animal handling, horses [6], riding, horses [10], Area Knowledge, Rohan [6], bow [4], Leatherworking [4], Armoury, armor [4], Armoury, melee weapons [6]

Squire in Dol Amroth (age 14 - 21 ,year FA 7 - 14 )
Completing his assignment as a page with flying colours, Galdor comes back to Gondor and becomes a squire to Sir Theros Ghent-Ylinen, a second cousin and husband to the Prince's older sister Ivriniel. His tenure as squire did not go as well as his time in Rohan: Galdor became complacent due to his birth and past records and slowly drifted into idleness. He was very dedicated to the hunt, but shirked on military arts. He became a wicked gambler, and a heavy drinker. Being an hereditary knight, he was waiting for his time to come. The Prince, however, was told to send the man away to make him a man of law: "He is not much of a man-of-war, but he is a clever man of words". 

Skills: Falconry [2], Animal handling, dogs [2], Animal handling, horse [4], riding, horse [2], Area Knowledge, Gondor [4], Thrown weapon, spear [6], Lance [6], Broadsword [6], gambling [10]

Knight in Minas Tirith (age 22, year FA 15)
Galdor reported to a relative in Minas Tirith and began his apprenticeship in the Office of Estates. There, he started to learn about law and politics. He did not get around to go on hunts, and became rather an urbanite by necessity. The Lord Chancellor has appointed him to the Palantiri commission out of pity for his idle soul, knowing that the commission was about to set on an expedition which could bring Galdor his much needed life experience. There is no need for him to have a retinue of squires at the moment, but he made the purchase of two good palfrey as well as maintaing a small kennel of three mature great danes.

Skills: Law [4], Politics [2], Area Knowledge, Gondor [2], gambling [2], 

The Great Danes : Fire (blond), Ice (blue), Storm (gray). All three are fully trained to: sit, fetch, attack, stay and "come back". 
The Palfreys : Luck and Kerbo, both as black, pure bred Southern Gondor. They are not combat trained, but have been used in hunts. They are both outfitted for hunts (briddle, saddles). 

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