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Finbert Brandibuck

Birthday: 9 August

Finbert is a hobbit of his own time: walking in the footsteps of his Uncle Meriadoc. He spent an early life as a dissipated hobbit. He traveled more than the typical one because of his apprenticeship as an Apothecary which took him into the wild borders in search of herbs. To escape his family, her moved to Bree where he spend a good many years. Finbert finally was sent by his Uncle to Minas Tirith. Unsure of his path, he fancy himself as a "burglar" like good olde Bilbo Baggins. he develop a nasty poison that causes throbbing pain. He learned to deliver the poison using a large blowpipe that he can use very effectively. Even more than most hobbits, Finbert can slip into tight spots, unseen and unheard. Looking for Palantirs may just be what he was born for...

Childhood up to the battle of Bywater (age 0 to 10, year TA 3009 - TA 3019)
Finbert was the third and last child of Grema Sackville and Ernest Brandibuck in a hole near Bywater. Finbert was a mischievous kid who spent much of his childhood doing what hobbits are doing: roving the shire, sneaking into people's firlds and listening to tales. 

Skills: Filch [2], Survival, woodland [1], Signing [2], Area Knowledge, Shire [4], stealth [4]

Apprenticeship in Buckland (age 10 - 25, year TA 3019 - FA 12)
Finbert was sent to his uncle's home in Buckland to learn about medicinal herbs. Finbert's uncle held a dispensary for common medicine that he prepared from local herbs. Finbert has the chance to roam beyond the Hedge and on the skirt of the old forest. The old forest was a dangerous place, this is when Finbert took on the Blowpipe as a defensive weapon. He also started to develop his oily sting with a base of Emory's blade. These years did not make Finbert a settled man as hoped by his parent, but gave him the impulse to travel beyond the Shire. 

Skills: Survival, woodland [4], Area Knowledge, Shire [6], Cooking [6], Singing [2], Naturalist [3], Area Knowledge, old Arnor [1], herb lore [4], weather sense [3], stealth [2], First-aid [4], Blowpipe [4]

Years in Breeland (age 25 - 28, year FA 12 - 15)
Once that his apprenticeship was over, and when it became clear that he would not settle like a respectable hobbit, Finbert took off to Breeland to seek new stories and adventures. In Bree, he befriended a number of Bree's Hobbits and got aquainted with the tall folks of the North. He worked for a year at the Prancing Pony, then as a farm's hand. During his idle time, he refined his recipe for his oily sting. He finally opened a small dispensary in a friend's hole (euphemism for a basement). There, he prepared simple medicine and sold them to Breelanders (mainly hangover elixirs).

Skills: stealth [4], Area Knowledge, old Arnor [3], merchant [4], riding, horse [3], detect lies [2], shortsword [1], survival, woodland [1], Filch [2], Blowpipe [6], singing [2], survival, woodland [1], 

Minas Tirith (age 28, year FA 15)
In late FA 14, he got a letter from his uncle Meriadoc. Uncle Merry was asking him to travel to Minas Tirith and report to the King's court as a representative of the Shire. Finbert knew that his parents were behind the move somehow, but accepted the opportunity. He traveled with a small group of humans who were seeking employment in the South. 

In Minas Tirith, Finbert reported to the King and was admitted in the King's retinue. This is there that he met Galina, a fantastic signer and all-round well connected member of the court. She introduced him to the Lord Chancellor and convinced him to let Finbert join the Palantiri commission. Finbert is a bit out of his depth there, but Galina assured him that all good companies in Gondor ought to have the benefit of a hobbit in order to be successful. 

Skills: riding, horse [1], Blowpipe [2], Area knowledge, Minas Tirith [1]

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