Monday, October 28, 2013

Character Award for Reclaiming Khazad-dum

Every player receive a 1 LUCK point award. This LUCK point can be used to reroll 1 to 3 dices on a single check. Alternatively, 
  • Arne 
    • 1 LUCK point
    • Vadek
      • What will Vadek do with the Obsidian Rod? Drolf would be amenable to buy the trinket from you.
    • Bain
      • Roleplaying Vadek throught this chapter: You may spend 4 cp on Bain, this must somehow make sense with what he has been up to: preparing for the Emerald's departure, travelling from Erebor to Browek Bridge (where the adventure will resume) 
  • Jason
    • 1 LUCK point
    • Khazek
      • Khazek has gained an artifact Dagger ( highest quality, yet to be determined properties)
      • Khazek has gained an Obsidian rod.
      • Khazek had 2cp on Acrobatics or climbing from the previous session, did you spent them?
      • 4cp: What did Khazek learned in this chapter? Wrestling? Dagger and sword? Hidden Lore?
  • Paul
    • 1 LUCK point for Throdar
    • Thordar
      • 2 cp in survival (forest) or survival (woodland) 
      • 2 cp worth of contacts/allies within the Emerald-Unit
  • Douglas
    • 1 LUCK point for Gesdrek
    • Gesdrek
      • 2 cp worth of contact/allies within the Emerald-Unit
      • 1 cp Area Knowledge (Mirkwood)
      • 1 cp Cartography
  • Gordon
    • 1 LUCK point for Gror
    • Gror
      • 1 cp Intelligence Gathering
      • 1 cp Strategy
      • 1 cp Leadership
      • 1 cp survival (forest)

  • Drolf has gained 1 artifact dagger.


  1. Khazek spent his last 2 points on Acrobatics and Wrestling (1 point each)

    He would like to spend the new points as follows:
    1 point in Wrestling
    1 point in Shortsword
    1 point in the appropriate Hidden Knowledge
    1 point in Bow
    1 point in Stalker talent (getting closer to that next level slowly)

    1. Oops, except that's 5 points. I'll hold off on the Stalker talent for now.

    2. Can I change my mind.. I want to put the [1] point toward Stalker Talent and leave the Hidden Lore to those that are smarter.