Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blowback and Character awards for "The Palantir Commission"

This last session was rather eventful. Here are the awards and things to keep in mind for tomorrow the next session.

  • Arnadil
    • Lasting effect: Claw wound on chest while in dirty water, possible infection.
    • Lasting effect: To fullfill your compulsive carousing after all this excitement, you must get yourself to the drunk level (or else get bad temper...) once that the company has a down time. You aren't sure that you'll have enough booze to get there. Maybe the orcs have a stash of moonshine... It was a hard day, and it ain't over.
    • 2 cp in whatever makese sense, or 1 LUCK point.
  • Finbert
    • Great session! 1 free cp for the spotlight award.
    • 2 cp to whatever you want (stealth would make sense, but your are free with them)
  • Halin
    • Lastin effect: Uncorrected nearsighteness. -2 combat, -6 PER. You may use your one scratched lense and have -2 PER while using one hand. You are temporarily under a Social Stigma (infirm) for as long as you are squinting this heavily.
  • Irina
    • Whoa swordplay girl! 1 cp to shortsword and 2 cp to a brand new HP (ceiling raised, not actual HP!)
    • Lasting effect: You have a bleeding gash in your chest. You may want to put a bandage on that!
    • Lasting effect: How many arrows are left again?
  • Kasper
    • 1 cp into Fear (yes, a critical spell failure is a learning moment).
    • 1 cp into Panic (the old staple)
    • 1 cp into tactics.
  • Nilppi
    • 1 LUCK point
  • Nimrodel
    • Lasting effect: you are missing a nose!
      • No sense of smell (disadvantage)
      • -2 reactions because you are grotesquely disfigured.
    • 1 cp into bow
    • 1 cp into Fast draw
  • Thannolf
    • Lasting effect: You are traumatized by the close call on your groin area, for this one session alone, you must break off combat reach of your opponent if you fail an active defence. The effect is dispelled once you cause someone's bodily harm and get your mojo on (HP, FP or pain damage).  
    • 2 cp into whatever makes sense. 
    • 1 cp into tactics (you learned a lot doing pitched battled this time).


  1. I never get tired of the detail around the awards.
    Keep it up

  2. Agreed. I love this way of getting our treats.