Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Naugrim Path of Ritual Magic

Gesdrek's Compendium of Naugrim arts

These rituals uses the Energy Accumulation variant of Ritual Path Magic. Base time in low-mana 1h for dwarven practitioners.  The cost of rituals is indicated within []. The mystic powers derive from Ritual Magic (Naugrim Arts). Each chapter is considered to be a Path, with specified default. Path skills cannot exceed Ritual Magic (Naugrim arts). Each individual spell is a hard technique. 
  • Chapter 1 - Ritual Fires (defaults to -6)
    • Salamander Fire [8] : Invoke salamanders which will live in the furnace of a forge to attain the extremely temperatures required for the making of many enchanted alloys.
      • Requires a missing rune, and Khazad-dum's "True-Coal".
    • Cold Fire [15] : Ignite Khazad-dum's cold forge with the help of a mystic drummer. 
      • You are key missing runes for this ritual.
      • The mystic drummer may be Tov
  • Chapter 2 - Shaping Earth (defaults to -4)
    • Earthquake [6] : Used for mining dangerous veins, dislodging dangerous rocks overhead and the defensive collapse of caves. 
      • Missing at least one rune to cast this
    • Magma Surge (volcano) [6] : Manipulate lava flow to create Laen (Enchanted volcanic glass) and for defensive purposes. 
      • Will work only within Khazad-dum apparently. 
    • Hasten Geological Processes [10] : Unknown use. You have fragments of information on the ritual but are missing too much for it to be used.
  • Chapter 3 - Communication (defaults to -2)
    • Ancient History (Cost as per M106):  Cast Ancient History on rocks that are first marked with a run. Can be used as History spell on marked stone if the rune uses Moon-metal (which you don't have). 
      • This is the only ritual that you can perform at the moment.
  • Chapter 4 - Mystical alloys (default to -3)
    • Eog [8], extremely hard, rare steel-alloy
    • Ithildin [2], Moon Metal, run writing. Mithril derivative.
    • Ithilnaur [2], very hard, weapon and armor, Mithril derivative.
    • Laen [5], Volcanic glass.
    • Mithril [4] , True-Silver. 
    • Ogamur [3], Magic bow string
    • Tasarung [3], glowing, flexible, unstretchable fibers.
    • Non-magical (Khazad-dum specific): 
      • Ardacer: very hard. Can cleave steel.
      • Galnin: Aluminum, light and strong.
      • Naukomalda, dwarven gold, glows.
      • Neukotelpe, dwarven silver, glows.
  • Chapter 5 - Runes (Not a Path)
    • Rune Syntax and Semantics ( your reference for Symbol drawing)


  1. quite interesting. curious to see how this plays out!

    1. Ritual Magic isn't exactly the D&D magic as we understand it. It will be used more as a story device than, ahem, tactically.