Sunday, March 17, 2013

Experience for Session 5

This session was rather eventful. There shall be candies to hand out. Let me know if I forgot anything in particular. Achievement and Roleplay are free points, given respectively for accomplishing some key objective, or playing your character particularly well.

  1. Araliniel
    1. NPC flat allowance : 2pt
  2. Arnadil
    1. Broadsword : 1pt
    2. Achievement, finishing the troll: 1pt
    3. Roleplay: 1 pt + 1pt for playing your curious disadvantage!
  3. Finbert
    1. Stealth : 1 pt
    2. Any HT or DX attribute, or related skills : 1pt
    3. Achievement : 2pt [The bait, extensive scouting]
  4. Sir Galdor
    1. Broadsword: 2pt
    2. Sheild: 1pt
    3. Riding: 1pt
    4. Achievement: 1pt
  5. Halin
    1. Heavy Mace/Hammer: 1 pt
    2. Achievement: 2pt (lucky roll, but decisive impact)
    3. Tactics : 2pt (that made a difference)
    4. Roleplay: 1 pt.
  6. Irina
    1. Bow: 2pt (you were in the thick of it!)
    2. Stealth : 1pt
    3. Tracking: 1pt
    4. Achievement: 1pt
  7. Kasper
    1. Daze: 1 pt
    2. Sleep: 1 pt
    3. Achievement: 2 pt (decisive use of magic to fell the troll)
    4. Longsword : 1 pt


  1. Showing my inexperience once again. But what does the achievement part mean? What do I get to do with those ones?

    1. Sorry, I forgot to specify. This is a made-up term, not a GURPS one. Achievements are free points given for accomplishing some key objective in one of more encounters.

  2. From what I hear, Kasper's role playing was the best it has ever been. :-)

    1. A mere shadow of his usual self.

    2. Well he had a certain je ne sais quoi.

    3. Although Finbert is starting to know what Kasper is up to. He hasn't said anything yet to anyone.

    4. Finbert got a successful Per check, which wasn't easy to do. Kasper doesn't know that. What is he going to do with this is up to you! Kasper seems like an interesting guy, what a hobbit, who doesn't really (want to) believe in magic would do?

    5. I have mentioned before that I thought strange things had been happening. Unlike Galdor Fin doesn't think gards just wander away because some Noble says so. I had mentioned a few times that I try to keep an eye on him. I don't believe he is magic but there is somethings strange about him. Like I said I haven't said anything to anyone. I was thinking that FIn would use a bit of a knowing look at Kasper when he defends Galdor from Arnadil's "you didn't do anything but kill a helpless troll" accusations (likely to come back after the recent pant wetting and passing out). Even though he doesn't much like Galdor's insults he doesn't like Galdor being insulted either. Hobbits are rather egalitarian. We want everyone to be nice to each other. He could go along with Galdor dropped the Troll then did it in with an inquisitive but knowing look to Kasper.

    6. Can someone tell me how Arnadil found out that the mighty Sir Galdor dispatched a troll who was, for lack of a better term, asleep?

    7. Finbert was facing in this direction when it happened. Finbert has not said a single word about this to anyone.

      For all intent and purpose, Sir Galdor slew the troll single-handedly, with some help from Kasper was still sitting on his horse.

    8. As I understood it, Galdor was surprised at the fall of the Troll. However, he quickly finished it off. Finbert can easily believe that Galdor dropped the Troll but he did see something odd with Kasper just before the fall.

      But I think Arnadil was out in the street and able to see Galdor finish off the Troll in the torch light and there wouldn't have been too much damage to it by then either. A couple of hits on the arms. It didn't look anything like the troll that the Dwarf smashed to pieces.

      Like I said Fin is pretty tight lipped about this. Besides, he wouldn't want to risk upsetting his lunch buddy! But it may make for some interesting roll play conversation.

    9. Correct, as far as anyone is concerned including Galdor himself, Sir Galdor cleanly dispatched the troll with utmost finesse. If anything, Galdor may have been surprised by how easy it was to stun a troll, but hey... he is a knight.