Sunday, March 24, 2013

Games that I'd love to run in the near future.

My bi-weekly game leaves me with some time to think of play styles that I want to try with GURPS.  I'm thinking of a small group, G+/Roll20 game (I just can't get MapTool to run on my computer).

Reclaiming Moria (Dwarves in Hell)

Let's cave-in this shaft first...
The dwarves of Erebor are aching to put their hands on Mithril all over again. They also want to avenge Durin's and Balin's death to the hands of the terror of the deep. An expedition of a few companies of soldiers and engineers are to reclaim as much of Moria as they can from the fiery hordes that outnumber them 100 to 1.
Play Style : Dwarf Fotress meets GURPS, Dungeoneering, Engineering, social combat, operational-level military simulation, they indeed dug too deep...
Time Period : 4th Age Middle-Earth (TL4)

Shelob's legacy

Greenwood, formerly known as Mirkwood, is still infested with giant spiders and a horrible blight. King Thranduil is sending out hunters into the depth of Southern Greenwood to clear the forest from the last few traces of Sauron's grasp on the region.

Play Style : Elves PCs, Sitcom, Monster Hunting, overland exploration.
Time Period : 4th Age Middle-Earth (TL4)

The Urchins of New Moscow

They'll never find us down there...
The colonial forces of the Tsar have captured a large part of the English colonies on Venus and held them for the last 5 years. The children of the Oxbury orphanage were scattered all over the Russian territories. As the rumors of a coming liberation force are firming up, the older orphans are attempting to reunite everyone before the chaos of war resumes.
Play Style : Steampunk, Espionage, social combat, airship battles, invention and tinkering, Dinosaur rifles, discovery.
Time Period : TL5+1, Venus.


  1. what i had meant to say was.... FUN!

  2. I have often thought Moria would be a great adventure in post LOTR middle earth.