Friday, February 21, 2014

K24 - Lemmings

Previous Scene: Live session

Location: Durin’s Bridge
Present: Gror, Bain, Khazek, Thordar
NPCs: Goldo, Gesdrek, 3 X Mithril units.

Special Circumpstances:
  • Everyone’s Will is at -1 at the moment to reflect a malaise that is affecting the invading force.

  • Khazek and Thordar have awaken the ancestors inadvertently.
  • They are crossing the gap through the two beams straddling the unending well. Many lose their footing and fall down, some are shot down by the crossbowmen from the Mithril, the few making across are dispatched by Gror who is blocking the way.
  • There may be over 1000 such ancestors is the Hall of filled as it looks.
  • The dwarves as they are have failed their morale check by 5 (including malaise and terror of the ancestors). This sets the bar to how difficult it will be to do anything with these units.

Gesdrek and Khazek are forming a second line to back Gror up if any of the ancestors are making it across the bridge. However, the whole thing looks like a suicidal lemming run. Gesdrek exclaims that his hunch is that this was meant to happen. Bain frowns.

“Something is making these corpses walk. These are just shells. I need to investigate the crypts on the 4th level to interrogate the tombs and find out how it started.”

The dwarves contemplates the situation as the crossbowmen are bleeding precious bolts against a seemingly endless trickle of enemies.

A subset of the dwarves present are pressing against the leaders and are crying to launch an assault. The impulse is not cohesive and behaves more as a mob than a military unit.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

K23 - One Thousand bottles of beers on the wall

Interview with a green thing

The victor of the battle for the Marzabul Stairs' lower hall were feasting by finishing off the surviving orcs. Thordar saw this as the bleeding of possible intelligence. He picked an orc with both legs broken and dragged him into the torchlight for an interrogation. Interrogation wasn't his forte, but he managed to improvise with a little help from his smallsword. The orc was talkative but crytpic. He mentioned that the Hunters, lead by Haguk, were the rising nation in Moria. That they thrived on selling food to the other nations. He eventually let out that the hunters were settled in the upper levels, and that they never went to the deeps. Amidst the wailing and the pleas to stop the torture, the orcs also mentioned that there were trolls in the ranks of the hunters. By then, Thordar got bored and finished him off.

Locations for this session.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

K22 - War in the East

This session picks up at a cliffhanger in the campaign where the dwarves of the Emerald-Unit have finally entered Khazad-dum.

Strategic Situation

The invasion of Khazad-dum began about 1h ago.

Area 1 - Level 1 - East Gate Hall

One lot of the Mithril-Attack (49 dwarves) is tasked to remove the standing bodies of dwarven ancestors from the hall. The viceroy, Bain Stonetongue, is on site.
PC: Bain

Area 2 - Level 1 - Marzabul Way

Two lots of the Mithril-Attack (98 dwarves) have been caught by surprise by the orc hunters. The front unit, the Trapeze-lot, is shattered and in a rout while the second one, the Galley-lot, is shocked. A stream of orcs is pushing them back to the East Gate.
PC: Thordar, Khazek

Area 3 - Deep 1 - The bridge of Khazad-dum

Three lots of the Mithril-Attack are tasked to proceed to the site of Durin's bridge in the First deep. They are lead by Kiro Rockdigger.

Area 4 - Dimrill Dale - East Gate

The Silver-Attack is stacked and ready to barge in. At their head, Gror, son of Bain, Commander of the Emerald.
PC: Gror

Area 5 - Dimrill Dale - Bank of the Mirrormere

The Ardacer-Attack is tasked with camp upkeep and area security. Thordar found that the Ardacer is the weakest link in the command structure, which is not a surprise since it is a free company from the Iron Hills.

Area 6 - Dimrill Dale - Caradhras's foothills

The last Attack of the Emerald, the Bronze-Attack, is tasked with area security in the mountain areas (a terrain for which it is rated as competent).