Character Cast

  1. Active Characters
    1. Thordar, son of Ilkrik, the viceroy's invisible hand
    2. Khazek Strongmoss, son of Erek, Ranger of Erebor. (An open-sky smart youth)
    3. Bain, son of Nain, Lord Chancellor of Erebor. (Uncle of the King)
    4. Gror, son of Bain (One of Erebor's prince)
  2. Secondary Characters
    1. Donarik, ranger of the Ark (Gordon, ALex)
    2. Gimvar, ranger of the Ark (Justin)
    3. Kalin Stronghold, son of Gloin. (Brother of Gimli, learned and master craftdwarf)
    4. Drolf, son of Hemmolt, Attack-Lord of Iron Hill (Powerful dwarf of the gentry)
  3. Notable NPCs
    1. Farin II, son of Balin, War-Chanter of Erebor. (He shall avenge his father.)
    2. Tov, son of Aule (A unique holy man)
    3. Goldo, son of Timor ( Architect, scholar, Father-in-law to the next in line to the throne)


pbp: play by post

King Thorin III Stonehelm's family mountain

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