Monday, October 21, 2013

Gror, son of Bain.

TA 2930 - Gror is Born ( 119 years ago)

Gror was the first born of Bain, son of Nain III and Brother of Dain III Ironfoot, King of the Iron Hills. He was taught from the start that he was to behave like a King in case that the lineage of Dain II failed. This information never came from the mouth of his father, Bain Stonetongue, who never uttered out loud the possibility of such the failure. This rather came from his mother, who was a very pragmatic matriarch.

TA 2941 - Battle of the five armies (age 11)

Dain II ascended to the Throne as King under the Mountains when Gror was 11. It was said that his father had crowned his brother to the throne when Thorin Oakenshield perished in the battle of the five armies. His family moved into the high quarters of Erebor. There, Gror got the best possible education. However, his father's hope to raise Gror as a political machinator died down before Gror was even of age. Gror, bolstered by his mother's prompt, had grown into a quarelsome, limelight loving young nobledwarf. He entertained a number of public feuds within the halls of Erebor. His favourite targets were the provincials: dwarves from the Grey Mountains and the Iron Hills.

His father took him for a long journey to the Blue Mountains where they met Goldo Stonesigner. Goldo got recruited as an architect for Erebor. They returned to Erebor with Goldo's family. Gror got engaged to Khi, Goldo's daughter, and promised to get married according to traditions on the day of his 50th anniversary.

The 20 years in between were spent under the mountains. Gror was a powerful leader of dwarves and a fierce fighters. He climbed the ranks reserved for the nobility from mineshaft leader to Herd-lot, to member of the mystic guard.

TA 2980 - Gror Marries Khi, daughter of Goldo Stonesigner. ( 50 years old )

By the time Gror had reached adulthood, he was a respected junior member of the Mystic guard. This privileged position was very valuable to his father. However, Gror kept a much too high profile to be of use to Bain.

Gror wanted badly to join Balin's expedition into Moria, but never got released from his duty in the Mystic Guard. For this, he always blamed his father. Gror felt that he should have been there to ensure that Nain's line was at the head of the expedition. Gror, probably during evenings of heavy drinking, may have said one too many things that he didn't think through. A rift between the line of Nain and the line of Balin had been opened, and made worst when other members of each family butted in.  The support for Balin's expedition wavered. Many of the lesser informed dwarves in Erebor blamed Gror for somehow having set in motion the wheels of defeat in Moria.

TA 2989-94 Balin's adventure in Moria (age 59-63, young adult)

Gror was left behind the Moria expedition and thus missed out on the debacle. Farin II came back, sour of the betrayal of Dain II. Gror became an Attack-lord in direct competition with Farin II.  The two dwarves gained a respect for each other and buried the war axe. Gror moved in and out of the spotlight, taking on high profile appointment in the army, and lower profile in the mines.  Gror sired a pair of twin daughters, Kmi and Ilsa. At about this time, Gror and his father made peace.

Gror and his family accompanied Bain into Dale. There, he became a respected militia leader who gained a respect for Erebor's long-legged neighbors.

TA 3019 - Gror, Bain and Goldo fight together against the Easterlings. (15 years ago, 104 years old)

When the Easterlings invaded from the South, Gror, Bain and Goldo fought alongside during the sacking of Dale. They forged a bond in war that would probably never be broken. Gror was there when Dain II died and was replaced by his heir Thorin III. Gror avoided the bulk of Thorin's purges in Erebor by keeping under the radar and under his father's wing. 

Gror and the Campaign so far...

Gror was present on the night when everything was decided. Things weren't going well: the King had been defeated and out of spite had suggested that Gror be viceroy instead of the obvious choice of his father. What looked like a drunken joke remained on the table by the day's end and Gror was, for a brief moment, destined to be the leader of the expedition.  On the following day, however, his father made it clear that Gror had to back down to make way for him. Gror did, unsure as to whether he was relieved or not.

Since then, Gror has lead the Ledge-Lot, as part of the Ardacer spearhead into Mirkwood. He has grown to dislike Iron Hills dwarves and their leader Drolf, son of Hemmolt. As Drolf and Kalin left on a mysterious errand, prompted by elves no less, Gror has himself convinced that HE is in charge of the Ardacer.


  1. Can we get the new Dwarves put into the 'family mountain' once we have all 3?

    1. Gror is already there. I plan to make a new social map as well.