Saturday, August 31, 2013

K12 - The Evil Eye

Recollections from Donarik, ranger of the Ark.

"Bimbo" the troll gets a hatchet blow in the kidneys and another one in the guts
from an unseen dwarfy thing. 
Once that the screaming in our heads stopped, we noticed two large trolls coming out of suspended animation from alcoves in the walls. Khazek-boy and I shot but hit the wall instead. I dropped my bow, drew my axe as I stepped back. I hit the troll really hard in the face and knocked him senseless. As he was teetering, I hit him again on its skull. This seemed to snap him off of his stupor. The troll grabbed me and used me as a projectile on my leader. Khazek dodged, I landed heavily on the ground. Rough day.

Around me, Khazek took over to push the troll back. Drolf and Vadek were about to fell the other troll. A number of orcs were streaming into the hall. Khazek and Vadek covered my flank as I stood up again. Kalin and I pushed the troll back into its alcove and finished him off as the rest of the battle unfolded.   

Recollection from Gimvar, ranger of the Ark

I thought that everyone had run out of the hall, but realized that only Kalin and I did. I felt rather ashamed about that. The fear was irrational, but couldn't be helped. We both entered the hall again. Donarik had done a butcher-kind of job on the first troll's face while Drolf and Vadek were taking the second one down. Drolf, a real finesse fighter, kept on piling disarming feints and fancy footwork to get flank strikes while Vadek ran a circle around the troll and eviscerated the beast though its back. When that troll fell, a wave of orcs was sweeping in. Vadek and Khazek engaged some of them. One of the orc got slammed into the ground by Vadek while other orcs managed some glancing blow to his armor. Drolf and Khazek finished some other orcs off.

The door of the tower shut behind us as I noticed Vadek and Drolf running for the far end of the hall. Drolf engaged the archer while Vadek ran him over, leaving him dead on the floor. Vadek dissapeared from my sight. When Khazek, our fearless leader took to his boots and followed Vadek, Donarik and I followed. We went though a large hall with a giant spider hanging on chains from the ceiling. I think that it was already dead and hung there for show. There was dining tables and a throne of some kind. Half of the room was filled with timber and carpentry stuff.

We ran pass another eye on the floor and got ourselves in a narrow and uneven stairway going down into the bowels of the glass tower.

Recollection from Drolf, Attack-Lord of the Ark

These orcs were slow and terribly gullible. I managed to play with mine, lodging strikes with my mace while my trusty bodyguard got in his rear and fell it just on time for the clash with a group of orcs. My attention was momentarily drawn to their rear where I could see an orc sergeant barking orders and an archer taking pot-shots at us.

Drolf smashes the eye while Kalin is catching his breath
Our troll fell over backward into the incoming orcs and scattered them. We took advantage of their confusion to engage. They fell like flies as I wound my way to the archer. By the time that I got there, the sergeant had turned away and was making for the exit at the back of another hall. Vadek struck like lightning and overran the archer on his pursuit of the sergeant.

I turned around and headed for the magic eye symbol on the floor. There was no way to tell whether the magic would trigger again. I kneeled on the floor and smashed it. The room around was strewn with bodies, but was now dark and quiet. Kalin was looking around, taking stock.

Note from Kalin, Herd-Lot of Ice

The smallest bloodsplat had not yet dried when Drolf headed for the gemstone eyes, kneeled and swung at it with all of his might. The symbol fell apart with each blow from the axe. I looked around, wondering what could be figured out from the surrounding [History(dwarves) -4 @ 11, roll: 6, MoS:5, Area Knowledge(Middle-Earth)-14, roll: 13, MoS:1]. I figured out that these gems are likely to have come from the Misty Mountains when Sauron plundered early dwarven settlements. This and the eye symbol seem to be consistent with the fact that the tower was once built by the dark lord himself. 

Recollection from Vadek Rock, Drolf's bodyguard

I ran across a large hall, passed a throne and into a small hallway. The orc sergeant had turned left into the downward stairway. I could hear the steps of the orcs ahead of me and getting farther. Meanwhile, I could also hear the steps of Khazkek behind and catching up. The stairs ran for a while, maybe going down for some 200 yards. We passed a richly decorated double door and kept on going down. We couldn't hear the orc anymore, but the odds that the sergeant had gone through the door were slim. 

We walked into a very large cavern lit by a large spherical orb at the far end. The orb was held up by a meander of roots from a huge tree. At the tree's base, another throne was nestled. The orc was warning an man in a green robe that we had forced our way in. 

As we bursted in the cavern, the green-robed man looked upon us, sneering. 

The orc leader is shouting at a green figure up above in the obsidian cave.

And thus ended our too short session for this time!


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    1. The GM still loves Khazek. Next session will hopefully be a great one for all to shine.

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