Thursday, August 15, 2013

Character Award for the Palantir Campaign, Chapter 2

  1. Compulsory
    1. You are all now very famous as "the Southron". This is a very potent Reputation 3. It isn't worth any points because it is likely to be a either +3 or -3, depending on the crowd. 
    2. All disads coming from wearing the tribal amulets are removed (no points modification).
    3. Stage 1 itemize cp awards for ending Chapter 2. 
    4. Stage 2 cover training and roleplaying while on the Raven
    5. Stage 3 is a preparatory step for Chapter 3, with optional training.
    6. Free points used on skill *must* make sense. Either by use in adventure, or if training allows it.
  2. Optional
    1. Anyone who has been a wraith can buy a 3 pts version of Medium to be able to see and hear into the shadow world ( at Per-2 ).
    2. Anyone may upgrade your spoken Lossoth from Broken to Accented for 1 point.

Stage 1 - Session 16 and 17

  • Arnadil ( 2 sessions )
    • 6 free points
    • May choose to purchase Alcoholism [ -15 pts ]. Alcoholism is a debilitating disad. You may want to consider the milder compulsive carousing, or the made up quirk Must drink away his sorry at the end of a bad day [-1 pt].  
    • Pelvis injury came back to normal in about 15 days.
  • Finbert ( 1 session )
    • 3 free points
    • 1 point in climbing
  • Galdor ( 1 session )
    • 3 free points
    • 1 point in Bow
  • Halin ( 2 sessions )
    • 6 free points
      • Wrestling is eligible (due to sparring on the Raven).
  • Irina ( 2 sessions )
    • 6 free points
    • Gain Careful [-1]
    • May purchase Reputation 1 (Performer) for 5 points, it would have to be valid in Minas Tirith an area only. Point value may be less if not everyone end-up recognize you.
  • Kasper ( 0 session )
    • Lasting injury: Your crippled hand took 1 full month to heal to an acceptable level.
    • Acquire Araliniel's Seeker spell book.
    • 1 point into Fear (Use on Farathu)
    • 3 points to put in any spell, including the Seeker spell from Araliniel's book.
  • Thannolf ( 2 sessions )
    • 6 free points
    • 1 pt in Diplomacy, Fast-talk or Leadership
    • 1 cp for the "GM's awesome rookie playing award". Use this point wisely, son.
    • 2 cp for wrestling (or wrestling technique such as hand grappling)

Stage 2 - On the Raven

You had a lot of time for yourself! Here is a breakdown of free time that you may allocate to skills. Tell me what you want to improve, and how. I'll let you know the odds and whether you get character points out of it.
  • 400 hours ( 8 hours per day )
    • All but Thannolf
  • 150 hours ( <4 hours per day )
    • Thannolf. You free time is restricted by your contract with Vacros and your compulsive need for carousing.

Stage 3 - In Minas Tirith

In Minas Tirith, here are your situations for the coming 30 days:
  • Arnadil : Stay at home and rest. No incurred cost. 240 hours of free time ( 8 per day ).
  • Finbert : Need money to pay for a 2 celebin/day lifestyle ( rent, food, parties ). What is your plan? 
  • Galdor : Need money to cover a 2 celebins/day lifestyle ( claim to hospitality, expensive tastes, gambling ). Will stay at fellow Dol Amroth noble home. May work as Legal apprentice, may work in the city watch, may just have fun for a month.
  • Halin : Need money for a 2 celebins/day lifestyle ( rent, food, ale). Is free to work, research or do as he pleases.
  • Irina : Needs money for a 2 celebins/day lifestyle. May perform to make a living. Some free time during the day.
  • Kasper :  May remain at the services of Galdor, or go alone. Either way, will need about 2 celebins/day. May return to Anorien to family estate.
  • Thannolf : Minas Tirith is your playground! Your Northmen social stigma doesn't apply here, neither is the criminal one. What gives?

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