Monday, April 29, 2013

Experience for Session 9 of the Palantir Campaign

An interesting session for the Palantir Campaign. Here is the experience allowance for the PC and NPCs.

Everyone get 1 pt Area Knowledge (North), or can used this point as free. In addition:

  • Araliniel
    • 1pt Research
    • 1 free point
  • Arnadil
    • 1pt tactics
    • 1pt Shield
    • 1pt Interrogation
  • Finbert
    • 1 pt Blowpipe or Stealth
    • 1 pt Shortsword
    • 1 pt wrestling (you worked hard for it...)
  • Sir Galdor
    • New Contact: Dice Players in Bywater [1pt]
    • 1 pt Broadsword
    • 1 pt Shield
    • 1 pt Leadership
  • Halin
    • 1 pt two-handed Axe/Mace
    • 1 pt into Brawling OR wrestling
    • 1 pt Tactics OR Leadership
  • Irina
    • 1 pt Bow
    • 2 pt in either ST, observation, stealth
  • Kasper
    • 1 pt Sleep spell
    • 1 pt Longsword
    • 1 pt free.


  1. Christian, I was wondering how Fin would go about upping his Dodge if it is possible. For no armor and low hit points a higher dodge would make him feel a little safer. Especially if he is going to start wrestling and sword fighting

    1. The simplest and coolest way to do this is to put points into acrobatics. Before dodging, you may declare an acrobatic dodge and check against the skill. You then do a flip, a jump or a cartwheel, anything as long as it is cool. A success gives +2, which can be stacked with retreat (+3). That's a +5 potentially on dodging, assuming that you can do a fancy jump/cartwheel and land on an adjacent hex.

    2. ok a quick look at my gurps light (can't seemt o find the core rule book) tells me it is a hard skill. So if I put in 4 of my accumulated free points that brings Fin up to
      DX+0 (DX=13).

      I think I will start with that. I am going to be a Ninja Hobbit.

    3. That is a pretty good use of character points!

    4. Invest in a good parrying weapon like a quarterstaff (like Irina), and you'd become the Shaolin monk of Arnor.

    5. I may have to wait until I get a few more points to be able to use it effectively. And less likely to slice a tendon or an artery that way but I will look into it

  2. You could always add a blade to the end of your staff.