Saturday, April 13, 2013

025 - A maiar awakened

Oct 30th FA 15

After sealing the vault behind and hoping that the angry librarian wraith would not chase after them to "scan the book", the company decided to follow up on Araliniel's oracle and descend to the lake to seek a "Stone coming out of the water". Arnadil, accutely aware of the company's precarious condition, used his Sense Foes once more and also concluded that the ruins of Annuminas were a very dangerous place to roam around. 

The company threaded carefully down to the dock area. Once on the shore, Finbert and Irina went on foot to explore the docks and the Tower district. None of the docks were still standing, but some shred of tower walls still jutted out of the water of Lake Evendim.  There was no sign of life around, barring the quiet sound of sheeps beyond the river. The company decided NOT to investigate these sounds and proceeded in the opposite direction to find the prophetized stone. Araliniel spotted the location rather quickly. She indicated to the rest of the company that this was the location. However, she didn't know what to do once they got there. 

To their astonishment, a feminine hand appeared from under the ice sheet and gently broke through the thinner ice right against the submerged wall. The arm, now struggling to break out of the water was grasping for something to hold on to. Sir Galdor and Arnadil jumped down into the shallow water and started to break the ice to assist the mysterious aquatic apparition. Sir Galdor pulled a young looking female out of the water. She was clad in white, dripping wet. She didn't seem to be as cold as she should. She looked at Galdor, smiled and said in Sindarin: "You are a noble man of Numenor". She certainly recognized the distinguishing features of the men of Dol Amroth. Sir Galdor bowed gently and introduced himself in Sindarin. 

The lady seemed aloof, disoriented. She looked just like the statue that was laying under the pool in the vault. Sir Galdor asked her who she was. She said that she didn't remember, that she had been forgotten a long time ago by the men of Arthedain. Arnadil motionned Araliniel to show the bracelet of the King to her. He also put on her shoulder his cape. She looked at the bracelet, a faint smile appeared on her face. She looked around and declared that Irmo had sent her to lend the King's bracelet to a noble young man: to everyone's astonishment, she offered the bracelet to Kasper, Sir Galdor's squire. "You will need this. Don't ask me why, I'm just a messenger."

She explained to the company, still in Sindarin, that Irmo wanted them to know that a powerful and dangerous wizard was seeking the palantir and that their quest had to succeed. She told them that dreams were dangerous. Again, she couldn't explain why Irmo wanted this message to be passed to the company. She said that she was told to find a company of men lead by a noble Numenorean. Arnadil, a bit annoyed, acknowledged that he has Numenorean blood and WAS the leader of the commission. However, Linluile was addressing Sir Galdor. Kasper examined the bracelt closely, then put it on. He felt... powerful [acquired Magery 1]. Sir Galdor, never missing a chance to disparage Araliniel that he considered to be a peasant, asked her to hand the treatise to him. She obliged, unsure why. Sir Galdor took the book and handed it to Kasper: "Take this, my squire. You are the man for the job apparently."

Linluile was becoming aloof and disoriented again. She asked for food, shivered a little. On the verge of tears, she asked Sir Galdor to revive Annuminas and wake her again for good. Sir Galdor pledged to come back one day and make it so. She asked to meet the King of Arthedain again. The company explained to her that Gondor was the only Kingdom of men still in existence. Linluile mistook the hobbits for river folks, but gently held their hands in hers. She caressed the dwarf's cheek. Halin though that a maiar looked too much like an elf, an impression made worst by the fact that he didn't undertood a word of Sindarin. She bid him farewell in Westron. 

Linluile marched back into the lake without looking back. It felt like a sad moment for some reason. All company members received her blessing as a gift (a life saving re-roll of 1-3 dice whenever they want).


  1. No other fantasy series has such believable words and names. Linluile... Annuminas... just wonderful words...!

    1. That would be Tolkien for you. However, sometime I feel that there is no need to have a Human, an elvish and a dwarf name for the same thing...