Saturday, April 13, 2013

026 - Down time at the Green Dragon can drink 'em by the flagon...

October 30th to November 15th FA 15

Once that Linluile returned to Lake Evendim, the company hurried back to the Shire while daylight still held. They arrived in Longcleeve by nightfall where they spent the night at the farmer's stead where they left their cart. Two days later, they arrived at Bywater where they spent a few night at Finbert's family hole in the ground. Over the next few days, they sampled the pleasures of the Green Dragon Inn. 

Meanwhile, Finbert bounced back from his wounds twice as fast as Arnadil. Halin did some repairs on his solleret, although without the equipment to do a proper dwarven job. Kasper immersed himself deep into the Treatise in the company of Araliniel while the rest of the company got to see the sights in the Shire for the next two weeks. They got to see Michel Delving, meet Meriadoc in Buckland and his daughter Ruby (a PC in another campaign). However, living large in the Shire started to become expensive and the company concluded the session pondering on the possibility to get back to Tharbad while Kasper and Araliniel are deciphering the treatise on long-term loan from the royal library of Annuminas.

And thus concludes the first of three chapters in the Palantir commission campaign. 

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