Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A week in the life of Erebor

Some 10 days have come and gone since King Thorin III decided to retake Khazad-dum. Here is a summary of publicly known event that have taken place since. 

April 4th FA 15

The council of Erebor was called. Thorin III, King under the moutains announced that he planned to lead a large contingent of soldiers and their families to Khazad-dum and reclaim the mountainhome. The King was caught off-guard by the resistance put up by his advisors. Drolf, hero of the Batte of the Five Armies sided with the King but relented. Bain, former chancellor and prime minister managed to convince Thorin III to remain in Khazad-dum while the Emerald Unit was to establish a foothold into the ancient complex. 

April 5th FA 15

King Thorin III weakly attempts to keep Bain at his side and place his son Gror as viceroy of Khazad-dum. Old uncle Bain, however, rallies his sons under his banner and force Thorin III to grant him the title of Viceroy. The King assigns Farin to the Gold Attack: the Emerald's most prestigious subunit. Tov prophetically warn Bain of greater danger lurking in Khazad-dum, and of a threat from within. Bain ask for counsel from the rest of the royal family on the best way to gain some level of surprise in Kahzad-dum.

The Rangers of Erebor

From April 6th to April 13th, Khazek Strongmoss, son or Erek has taken the duty to train a crack team of open-sky rangers. He selected the most promising candidates from the Ardacer attack, and taken them into multiple exercises. Khazek is struggling himself with the difficult task of teaching, but the rangers are shaping up and should provide able recon to the Ardacer. Khazek is reporting right under Gomar Flameaxe, Lot-Herd of the Ark. 

The Rise of the Gold Attack

Farin, son of Balin has taken over management in the Gold. The troops gathered slowly during the mobillization time. The unit is shaping up. Farin, a dwarf of faith has induced a profound respect for dwarven traditions and used his skills as a war chanter to unite the unit under his banner. 

Operation HammerThorn

The transit of the Emerald to Khazad-dum is outlined, the plan gets into motion on April 14th FA 15. The Ardacer, a woodland capable Attack under Drolf, son of Hemmolt, will lead the way. They will have the difficult task to open the road, scout ahead and ensure the smooth transit of the bulk to the Emerald by improving bridges and roads on the way. They have been outfitted with additional engineering tools, a portable forge. The viceroy also signed the release of brand new armors and weapons to all soldiers in the Ardacer. With the Ardacer also leave Goldo and Kalin who will assist with Engineering work. 

Scope of Session 2 - Knocking at the Gates of Thranduil Hall

In this live session, the Ardacer will be heading down the River running, towards the old forest road across Mirkwood.  The Ardacer will be accompanied by a diplomatic contingent  that will be going to Thranduil hall to talk to the wood elves.  This delicate mission is likely to have deep consequences on the reclaiming of Khazad-dum: the elves at least should be OK with the Emerald crossing Greenwood (a.k.a. Mirkwood), but it would be even better if the elves are supporting the mission. 

It is important to keep in mind that the elves are disinterested in the affairs of other races of Middle-Earth. They are, however, trading partners with Esgaroth (Lake-town), and indirectly with Erebor (as Erebor is trading intensively with Esgaroth). The diplomatic attitude between King Thranduil and King Thorin III is good but strictly formal. There are no embassy representations between the nations.  

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