Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bain Stonetongue, son of Nain

Bain son of Nain

Year 2799 - Battle of Azanulbizar, End of War against Azog - ( 224 years ago)

Bain was born the year that his father dies at the hand of Azog. He grew up  in the shadow of an absent father and a war hero for an older brother. Bain was an astute student. His keen intellect made him skip grades and switch mentors many time before he even hit the age of 12. King Dain II’s advisors early on ensured that he would be well schooled, and probably wished that Bain had been the heir to the crown.

By the time that Bain was 20, he had a network of associates and paid agents spanning the Iron Hills and beyond into the nearby trading partners. Bain became the person to approach to acquire the King’s ear for an audience. He was in a sense Middle-Earth first professional lobbyist. When Bain talked, everyone listened: he was fast and sharp and could force anyone out of a room simply with wits or incisive comments.

Dwarves in the royal circles learned to befriend this young upstart. King Dain II grew concerned of Bain’s personal influence over the court’s politics.  These concerns proved unfounded: Bain’s loyalty for his brother was unwavering.

Year 2941 - Battle of the five armies - ( 92 years ago)

Bain was in large part the reasons why Dain II changed his mind and decided to respond to Thorin III’s call for help in Erebor. Bain saw the potential of reviving the mountain home, and has set his sight on promoting the line of Dain II as the new leading house of the dwarven kingdoms. The argument was simple and in the open: the line of Thror had failed and would never sire the next incarnation of Durin.

War, a mere extension of politics by other means, became all too real on the day of the battle. Bain got badly maimed by the fetid blade of an orc and lost his eye due to infection on the following few days. Even half-blind, he continued fighting until the last Orcs were routed or slain.  Thorin III had died, the line that had failed was broken. Bain convinced all in the hallowed halls of Erebor that the new King was Dain II. To this day, some dwarves still wonder how this statement didn’t get challenged at the time, but the image of a bloodied Bain holding a crown over Dain II’s helm will persist forever in tales and songs.

Bain was, by then, the younger brother of the King of Durin’s folk. Without his intervention, history would have been written with a much different ink for his family.

Year 2989-2994 - Balin’s adventure in Moria - (44 years ago)

Bain opposed Balin’s venture into Khazad-dum as foolish. He managed to keep Dain II from supporting the expedition for years. However, the Grey Mountain dwarves eventually managed to convince the King despite Bain best attempt at obstruction. Bain’s words were muffled at the King’s court for long enough to sway the King to half-heartedly support the adventure. With Balin gone, Bain regained his composure and got Dain II to admit that the venture was bound to fail. He withdrew most of his commitment on the operation. Reserve troops did not get sent, food supply dwindled. It was nothing personal: it made good sense to cut the losses early. The dwarves of Fundin’s lineage read the situation as crass politics.

In Erebor, Bain stepped down from the Lord Chancellor position, and accepted to become the ambassador to Dale and Esgaroth. In this assignment, Bain became an advocate for trade, and a broker in matters of heavy engineering. He closely interacted with many dwarves, notably Halin Mithrilheart (from the Palantir campaign).

Year 3019 - War of the Ring / Easterling siege of Erebor - ( 15 years ago)

When Dale and Esgaroth got sacked by the Easterlings, Bain was among the last to leave and the first to return. He brokered deals with King Thranduil to provide to the cities of men with dwarven gold and avert a disaster. Upon the death of his brother, Bain was recalled to Erebor to become the Lord Chancellor to his nephew, Thorin III Stonehelm. Thorin III prove to be a stubborn, impulsive ruler who grew to depend on Bain for sorting out operational details. This suited Bain just fine.

Bain had to deal increasingly with keeping his sons out of trouble. Being this close to the King has gone to their heads. They tend to feud and fight with other member of court on a regular basis. This is diverting Bain’s attention from where it should be focussing.

When Thorin III decided to personally lead the venture to reclaim Khazad-dum, Bain immediately made arrangement to install a steward in Erebor and not get himself bound to Erebor. Thorin III and his sons are going to need him, a lot. He is there to make sure that none of them gets killed senselessly atop a huge pile of dead orcs.


  1. The KING is coming with us to Moria? Ok. That's not a bad idea or anything!

    1. The King really WANTS to go. This is going to make things tricky for everyone and raise the fun factor. However, I'll leave it as a possibility that he gets knocked out of the venture. Trying to change the King's mind can be a risky political move.

  2. Yea I bet. And if he DIDNT go, would Bain still go?

    1. Good question for Bain to answer. Who knows, maybe HE would like to lead. This would be objectionable to a bunch of member of the court, I think. I'm designing the council map right now. I'll post a draft soon!