Saturday, March 30, 2013

Drolf, son of Hemmolt, Attack-Lord of Iron Hill

Early life, 210 years ago.

Drolf originates from the gentry of Iron Hill. A Iron Hill of the long gone days when Dain II was the supreme King of dwarves and the lonely mountain was synonym to desolation. The best that he was expected to do in life was to rise to an officer rank in the Mansion Watch of the King. His father himself rose to the rank of Warden of the Lane Guard of Iron Hill: A highly prestigious rank. Drolf was groomed to be a frontline leader: he shirked on formal education and spent a lot of time in camps, honing axes and making mushroom stew for soldiers.

Over the next 100 years, Drolf rose

to the rank of 2nd Captain of the Mystic Guard for King Dain II. The position was rather lucrative, and most prestigious.

Year 2941 - Battle of the five armies - ( 92 years ago)

It is said that without Drolf’s leadership, King Dain II would have been slain more than twice by wargs. Drolf walked away from the battle with a temporarily crippled arm and a horrible gash in his torso. He was cited by Dain II as a hero of the battle of five armies.

After the battle of the Five armies, and when Dain II became King under the mountain in Erebor, Drolf requested to be sent back to the Iron Hill to act as the Lord Warder of the steward. What he called hom was now a quiet yet prosperous place. He became incredibly wealthy as the the top military commander of Iron Hill. There are also songs in the North that tell the tale of Drolf and his raids into the East. These raid bringing back home carts upon carts of moveable riches. He became a figure of legend in the military circles of dwarves all across the wilderland.   

Year 3019 - War of the Ring / Easterling siege of Erebor - ( 15 years ago)

Drolf was left behind in the Iron Hills during the War of the ring as the Keeper of the citadel. During this time, he managed to hunt for Easterlings that strayed too far north while keeping order at home. He had by then tasted the life of a ruler. He had command, honor, songs about his feat, but his birth was still holding him back.

With the dawn of the fourth age, an aging Drolf became Lord Chancellor of Iron Hills. However, his sight was then setting on Erebor. The days of Iron Hills were waning, the place to be was the old Kingdom. The main problem was that in Erebor, Drolf would become a small fish in a large pond. So he waited, patiently, for an opportunity to come and advance his lineage.

This opportunity occured in FA 14 when King Thorin III Stonehelm summoned all dwarves of Noble birth to join him in the reclaiming of Khazad-dum. Because he was not related to the royal line, Drolf decided to bankroll a complete Attack (343 soldiers) and offer himself as Attack-Lord. He marched all banner unfurled and presented his Attack as his retinue. His price would be to have his older unmarried son to marry Thorin III only daughter. The King accepted, and thus entered in Erebor a living legend of the dwarvendom.