Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Khazek Strongmoss, son of Erek

He was born 2996, just long enough after his father returned from the failed attempt to retake Moria. He grew up in the Lonely Mountain. As a Grey Mountain dwarf, he felt that he and his kin did not get the respect that was deserved. He quickly grew fond of the men of Dale and Esgaroth.

He enjoyed being outside and learned the ways of the land.  In the company of men, he learned to track animals and practice the bow. He tried his hand at some herbal healing, like his grandfather Oin (who he never met but heard many stories about his Oin-tments). At age 13, and while on a trip to trade with the Elves of Mirkwood, he briefly met Aragorn in 3009.  This meeting cemented the idea that he wanted to be a ranger. An odd profession for a dwarf, but yet again, an odd dwarf enjoying the presence of humans.

He fought with the Dwarves during the War of the Ring (age 23) against the Easterlings. As a ranger, he introduced concept of overland intelligence to the King's court that won him respect and notice. He was a valuable scout that brought much needed intelligence to King Dain II, particuliarly in the pursuit that brought lots of loot back into the region. He earlier served directly under Thorin III and was tasked with delivering the news to him that his father had fallen.  Some time after the War of the Ring (age 25ish), he traveled with his family to live in the Glittering Halls under the leadership of his uncle, Gimli. There his innate directional abilities and surveying skills were invaluable in re-developing the caverns and opening up trade routes with the surrounding communities. Soon, he was again drawn to the openness of the land and spent much time ranging near and far, helping keep supply and trade lines clear and safe.

Many times he was drawn north toward Durin’s Door, the West-Gate of Moria, the place where his Grandfather, Oin, fell to some great evil.  Each time he was turned back, usually by bands of Dunlendings, wolves or other dangers of the Hollins. He spent many years living in the Glittering Halls, though most nights he lived out under the stars or beneath the trees or even in the halls of the Rohirrim.

Often his quick tongue got him in trouble with his elders, though his uncle, Lord Gimli always liked him for speaking his mind. Eventually at age 40, he was sent back to Erebor with his father Erek and uncle Kalin at the beckoning of the King Under the Mountain. There, he discovered a complex web of politics weaved around a most straightforward King. Khazek has spoken more than once out of turn: this brought him sneers from the inner circles but gained him the attention of the King. When Thorin III decided to reclaim Khazad-dum, he insited against the advice of some, that Khazek be part of his retinue.


  1. "You're drunk. Have another pint!" said the King to Khazek.

  2. Here is the tale of Khezek's journey from Aglarond to Erebor with his father and uncle, Kalin.

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