Monday, July 22, 2013

Khareo's Tale #1 - Introducing the Characters

This mini campaign is designed to be played with my two daughters: Sophie and Chloe. They are eager to play GURPS, and have some interesting ideas to seed the story. Sophie wants to try her hand with Ritual Path Magic using the Energy Accumulation mechanics (with black and white aspected magic). Chloe wants to play a swashbuckling gal with a fond interest in Astrology. I chose the Alchemical Baroque setting, which they gave me for my birthday (hint, hint). I am also using the most interesting Tome of Adventure Design to create stories and NPCs.

Starting Point

The location is Khareo, a semi-independent city state on the Southern Plains of the Known Lands. Khareo is a port city with a mercantile tradition. Fishermen are bringing a boon from the sea and export fresh and smoked stocks inland. A steady stream of traders from the Golden Archipelago also come ashore and flood the city's market with exotic wares from the Sudentland.  These goods are then sold for export to the prosperous North. The majority of the Khareo citizen are of the Architecturalist denomination, although there is a sizeable Horologicalist community that co-exists in relative peace.

Khareo's politics is somewhat tumultuous: an attempt on the life of Queen Sharma D'Ossani III was made 3 weeks ago. The unlikely assassin: the Lord of Saffronderry, a Solar noble betrothed to her. One stream of rumours claims that the Lord was caught and executed on the spot: war with the Solar empire is imminent. Another rumors stream claims that Lord Saffronderry was bewitched into the murder attempt, then mysteriously disappeared.

Main Characters

The Lothals of Khareo are member of the Gentry (Status 1). Lorenz Lothal is a court-appointed lawyer who represent the interests of the Queen in matters of maritime trade. His hard work has allowed him to raise a family in relative comfort (Wealth 1). Lorenz never brought his professional worries home. The Lothal girls used to think this to be a blessing until the day that he failed to come back from a business voyage. Very little details could be drawn from his superiors, leaving his wife Helga and daughters in a lurch. It has been 6 months that Lorenz has failed to come back: his salary has been cut by the royal court, and the family has to get by on their own.

Mary Lothal, Natural Philosopher (75 pts)

Mary, By Sophie.
Mary is a 21 years old woman who grew up in a privilege environment. She was sent by her father to the Arc Academy where she studied Natural Philosophy (Magery 1, Ritual Path). Under a tutor, she specialized in the Path of Health. She began operating a clinic where she dispenses protection amulets, cures to the sick and fertility charms to farmers. Mary is famous in Khareo, particularly within the commercial circles where her name is dropped at every occasion. This results in a steady and plentiful customer base (Charisma 1 + Reputation as Mystical Healer, Khareo, Often recognized).  She would like to investigate the circumstances of her father's disappearance, but she must work hard to maintain the family home and her mother (Dependent, Mother).  Her neighbor is an exotic fur trader called Silvardo Torrens, with whom she is having frequent arguments over the whereabouts of her sapiens cat "Wyrm".

Social Network: Excellent: Merchants of Khareo (19), V. Good: Neighborhood (16), Good: Mother (14), Wyrm (sapiens cat, 14), Farmers (13), Neutral: Arc Society (11), Architecturalist congregation (11), Sheriff Swanton (11), Poor: Mr. Silvardo Torrens (next door neighbor, 7).

Martha Lothal, Astologer and Spitfire (75 pts)

Martha, by Chloe.
Martha is the youngest daughter of the Lothal household (16 years old). In the shadow of her sister, Martha convinced her father to send her as an apprentice to a court astrologer. Being rumbunctious, she also managed to get her parents to pay for a fencing tutor. When her father disappeared, she took on a few clients as astrologer, with modest success. She is aloof (Delusion, everyone want to know about stars), and a little too young to be taken seriously (Social Stigma, youth).  As a result, most people regard her as "that spitfire kid" who shooshes people at night when she works from the roof of the family row house. She also refuses to join the congregation for services anymore because of their attitude toward diviners (teenagers...). Martha and Wyrm have a strained relationship. 

Social network: V.good: Mother (16), Good: Astrologer (14), Sheriff Swanton (13), Silvardo Torrens (13), Neutral: Wyrm (10), Poor: Merchants (7), Neighborhood (7), Bad: Architecturalist congregation (6).

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