Sunday, July 21, 2013

Character awards for Reclaiming Khazad-dum: Into Mirkwood

This is a long overdue post about character awards for this campaign. It covers all actions since the beginning of the Ardacer's adventure after splitting from the diplomatic mission near Lake-Town. This includes ten days of overland travel and the action seen in the last two days.


Drolf has spent quite a bit of time settling into his command position. He has taken interest in Intelligence Analysis ( 1 cp ). He did take the lead in the battle of Browek Bridge ( 1 cp into Strategy ), but deferred to his subordinates quite a bit as well. His leadership was used during the heroic action of Browek Bridge ( 50% chance of gaining 1 cp, success ). Drolf participated into an heroic action and gets to place 1 cp into any combat skill or technique, or related attribute. I really liked the use of meditation as a way to cope with nightmares ( 1 cp in meditation + 1 free cp ). 

As a side note, your men are hoping for a bit of looting. You promised them spoil, and Mirkwood is frankly not that great for it, but Drolf can sense that the concern is bouncing around the mercenaries with increasing frequency.


Kalin has had the chance to build on the experience of his senior subordinates and acquire skills in Intelligence Analysis (1 cp) and Strategy (1 cp).  His successful heroic in the battle of Browek bridge has bolstered his tactical situational awareness ( 1 cp into either tactics or leadership). He also had the chance to get involved in melee during the heroic action that ended the capture of Browek Bridge ( 1 cp into weapon skill). A free cp is also granted.


Khazek has spend a lot of time teaching ( 1 cp) and is proving rather effective at it. This, in fact, has given him a new feather in his cap throughout the dwarves forces ( Reputation as Ranger-Ninja-God, All dwarves in Attack, All the time (2 cp)). Khazek has lead his Guard into the raid on the supply depot and acquired experience from it ( 1 cp into either Tactics OR Leadership). A free point is also granted.


Vadek has lived the last 10 days like a well known MASH rerun: he is doing what he does best. He did fight a bit, but probably not enough to gain meaningful experience ( 8 on 3d6, success. 1 cp on any melee combat skills). Drolf has deferred a lot in terms of battlefield decision and Vadek had to figure things out on the fly (1 cp Tactics). Against his will, he was included in briefings where INTEL and strategy were discussed ( two failed check vs IQ: that stuff got in by one ear and out by the other). Vadek probably knew that he should have kept the leader of the orcs alive for interrogation, but he didn't care. Things worked out in the end by his account ( 1 free cp ).  Vadek is now a household name in the Ardacer as the head of Drolf's personal guard ( courtesy rank, 1 cp).


  1. Khazek used his points in the following way:
    [1] point in Teaching (leaving him [1] point away from getting a skill increase.)
    [1] point in Tactics (leaving him [1] point away from getting a skill increase.)
    [2] points in the Reputation.
    [1] point into Stealth, raising that skill to the next level.