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Farin II, son of Balin, War-Chanter of Erebor

Farin II, son of Balin, age 112

Year 2941 - Battle of the five armies - ( age 20 )

Barely at the age of reason, he joined the forces of Dain II and participated in The Battle of Five Armies. Assigned to a reinforcement, his Lot (dwarf unit equivalent to a company) was flanked by the second wave of goblins and with a terrible casualties only few got out of there alive. He lost an eye in the battle when covering the retreat of his comrades.

After the battle, Farin joined the First Lane Guard of Erebor where he served as a battle-chanter. he saw little action for the next 20 years of service. By 2960, at age 40, Farin joined his father in a bid to found the Kingdom of Moria. This adventure was politically charged, and King Dain II made it difficult for everyone to go ahead. This created a rift between the dwarves from Iron Hill and these that lived in exile in the Grey Mountains. Farin spent the best of the coming 20 years helping his father get the expedition together by trading with Dale and the elves of Thranduil Hall.

Traits : Clerical Investiture 0 [5],  which means that Farin can initiate an hymn.
Skils : Merchant [2], Administration [2],

Year 2989-2994 - Balin’s adventure in Moria - (age 68-72)

By the time that Balin left Erebor, Farin II was at his prime. He assumed the position of Attack-Lord, at the head of 343 dwarven warriors. His Attack was to secure the Southern edge of the Eastern Gate and open the access to the mines of the second deep. The counter-attack of the orcs was fierce, most of his soldiers became casualties. Farin himself, spent the best of the first year in a field tent, outside the East-Gate, recovering from a crippling blow to his left leg.

Things went increasingly worst: many of the dwarves had to live outside the East-Gate as the resistance in Moria was fierce. King Dain II refused to commit another Weapon-host to the venture. Balin began to lose heart. By 2994, Balin ordered Farin II to evacuate all women and children and escort them back to Erebor. The retreat was difficult and under constant harassment from orcs pursuing from the rear. Farin II brought the beleaguered dwarves back to Erebor and gain much reputation among the dwarves.

After the disaster of 2994 and the death of his father. Dain

Trait : Reputation 2, famous for the retreat from Moria.
Skills : Area knowledge (Moria) [2]

Year 3019 - War of the Ring / Easterling siege of Erebor - ( age 97)

The Moria adventure left a bitter taste in Farin’s mouth. His experience campaigning in Moria, and subsequent reputation earned him a place back into the Erebor Mansion Watch as a Attack-Lord. Farin used his strategic experience underground to train his unit to a top-level preparedness. But still, King Dain II was cold to his officer and passed him by many times when he promoted new warriors to the rank of Unit-Lord.

When the Easterlings attacked Dale and Erebor during the war of the ring, Farin was part of the defense of Dale. His unit fared very well and managed to acquire loot in the following pursuit. however, when Dain II died and got replaced by his son Thorin III, Farin was pulled from a command position and added to the King’s retinue as an advisor. Farin used this position to lobby in favor of a new venture into Moria. The King had ears for the idea, but not so much for the input of the Grey Mountain dwarves.

Farin dedicated more of his life to ritual hymns, helping soldiers and workers alike to accomplish great feats.

Year FA 15  - Campaign starts - (Now)

Here we are: the King has decided to reclaim Khazad-dum and wants to do it in a blaze of glory. This reminds Farin a little too much of the events of 2989...  Farin will be there, ready to avenge his Father and bring Thorin III to the Throne of Khazad-dum: he may not like the King, but he is unconditionally loyal to the crown anyhow.

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  1. It seems that maybe part of the post got left out.

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    After the disaster of 2994 and the death of his father. Dain

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