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K03 - The viceroy of Khazad-dum

April 5th FA 15

The evening wore off and all dwarves present in the council returned to their own dwellings. The King has yet to make further announcement, and is not expected to rouse from his quarters until late into the afternoon on the following day of April 6. The King hinted that he would let an Unit-sized expeditionary force leave. However, that he intended to follow once that a foothold was secured. The issue of leadership has not been even broached at this point.

In the morning, the armorers of Erebor held a fitting for the members of the Royal council. This was an occasion for all to informally meet, declare their positions and attempt to posture for the upcoming day.

By the time that lunch time had rolled in, many of the council members were having a mid-day meal in one of the upper chamber. Tension had built-up as the morning went by over the position of viceroy for the Khazad-dum expedition. A group of companions had rallied around Bain Stonetongue: next in line and long standing right-hand to the King. However, his son Gror was rumored to be selected. This family divide could be felt by all: Gror, clearly eager to take on a major part in this story was guarded and didn’t want to disparage his father.

Kalin has spoken well of himself during the morning and managed to leave a good impression to the council. He seems like a capable diplomat. Meanwhile Bain spend the best of his morning pouring over a few maps with Khazek and his son Marik. The three dwarves spent quite some time brainstorming over a couple pints of breakfast ale. Drolf, very eager to get the ball rolling was beating the drum of Bain, participating where appropriate on matters of operational details.

Meanwhile, the Unit-Lord who was slated to depart with the council, Ulrik Stouthammer, cautiously hovered around Gror’s table. This is not surprising as the two dwarves were friends. Gror, periodically approached the maps and made a few comments. Everyone was waiting for the King to enter the room.

When Thorin III entered the hall, he is wearing a ceremonial suit. He walked to the table, peered at the maps, and let Khazek finish his explanation about the possible fords over the Anduin.

“Bain, my old friend. I think that I’d rather keep you here in Erebor”, declared the King. Marik, smiles and interjects: “Dear cousin, I really think that we need the old man on the road. It’ll be good for him to see the world.” [Marik Fast-talk-12 composure attack on the King, opposed with Fast-talk-14 roll: 10 vs 10, King wins with MoS 2, Marik takes -2 in composure]. “These halls have more use for old men. This being said, Gror will need my dear uncle more than I will, I guess.”

Farin who, up to this point remained quiet, took the floor. He presented his thoughts on the venture, and how he would lead the men in the Hallowed halls of Khazad-dum. How he would take back the mountainhome from the orcs and properly take care of his father and father’s dwarves [Sway action, Leadership-15 vs Leadership-16, distance 2. roll: 8 vs 8. King wins with MoS +8]. A hint of sorrow shades the King’s grey eyes “We will honor you father and take it all back.”. Thorin made no signs suggesting that he was learning to put Farin in charge. “I will make you and Attack-Lord, however”.

Farin:”Thats all I can ask of you, my Lord. It will be my honor to lead our brave men in person against evil, lurking in the dark deeps of Moria. For glory of the crown and revenge of my family. Thank you.”

Bain made an appeal, not to the king, but to his son, Gror.  He knew that Gror seeks adventure and glory, and was resentful at how things played out for Balin’s expedition.  Bain showed that he wanted this expedition to succeed, and is putting quite a bit of effort into making it so (witness the planning he managed just in one night!) and appeals to his son to help him make the case for Bain to be the viceroy for Khazad-dum.  Gror was at first resistant: he was pretty excited at the thoughts of being put in command.  However, when he peers again on the table, sees the map and his father’s scrawls, he gets the jitters. He looks around, grasping for an approving glance from anyone, and realize that had he become the viceroy, he would be on his own in this wild arena if he tries to pass over his father’s head. His father is a good man, more than capable to lead with a level of confidence that he has yet to acquire. Gror picked himself up: “So, Father, where do we begin?” [Sway action, Politics-15 (-1 composure, -2 distance, +2 authority) vs Poltics-11, roll 9 vs 7]

The King, unsure of what just happened, shake his shoulders and step forward to Bain. “Bain, my most trusted advisor. The young’s knee bent over too fast for me. Bring him back to me the general that I thought he’d be.”

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  1. So Bain is the viceroy (does that mean diplomatic head?) Farin is the Attack Lord, who is the Engineering/ Economic leader? Was that decided?