Monday, April 1, 2013

Goldo Stonesigner, son of Timor

Life in the Blue Mountains

Goldo, son of Timor was born some 220 years ago in the ancient halls of the blue mountains. His lineage connected to the Firebeards: an ancient clan which went into decline in the first age. Goldo is a master architect and and engineer. He was, for most of his life, the chief architect of the rebuilt dwarf fortress of Nogrod. His achievements as a builder were passed on all the way to Erebor.

When Dain II was proclaimed King under the mountain in TA 2941, he sought to find the best architects known to dwarvendom, and sent his brother Bain Stonetongue to seek talents in the faraway Blue Mountains. Bain and Goldo became great friends at the onset. Bain managed to convince Goldo to move to the East to undertake the largest scale challenge that his craft would allow. Goldo left Nogrod in TA 2950 with his wife and only daughter, Khi, to become one of Dain II's close advisor. By TA 2980, Khi and Bain's eldest son Gror were married. Two ancients lineages connected by Aule's first born dwarves were at once reconnected.

Goldo was responsible for the design of some defensive elements in Dale, and also for the creation of a new "deep" level in Erebor. Goldo enjoyed his time under King Dain II to the fullest. These days were, however, counted.

Year 3019 - War of the Ring / Easterling siege of Erebor - ( 15 years ago)

As the Easterlings moved into the wilderlands, they sacked Esgaroth and Dale. Goldo, as part of the Royal family joined the King's retinue and fought valiantly in the battle where his friend Dain II would be killed. Already an elderly dwarf, he fought just as well as a dwarf in his prime. Goldo, Bain and Gror were bound together by the indestructible bounds of brotherhood in war.

When King Thorin III was crowned, a lot changed in Erebor. The family was culled to its minimum: adopted sons such as Halin Mithrilheart was disowned. Dwarves of Goldo's generation were pushed aside as well, without being kicked out of the Royal court. Farin III approached Goldo to be the chief engineer and architect for the Khazad-dum expedition. Goldo loved the idea and became an advocate for the venture. He may be one of the main players in getting Uncle Bain on board.

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