Thursday, April 11, 2013

It is the players' turn to prep for Session 7!

Tomorrow's session is a go. As I was prepping about it, I thought that I'd raise a few issues to wet your appetite and make you think about this session. 

1 ) Finding a Book: There is one book about Palantirs somewhere in the Seer section of the Royal Library. The book is a Treatise on Shrouding Palantirs, and was written by an advisor to the King of Arnor. The Royal Library's search engine is down. Finding this is indeed akin to a needle in a haystack. I'll be playing around with rules on collaborative skill checks here: the PC will have to be used parsimoniously. The locks of all rooms are enchanted, what's up with that.

2 ) Mommy, I'm hurt : Arnadil and Finbert are reeling from their wounds, Halin is also a candidate for infections. First-aid can be used to regain 1d-2 HP within 30 minutes of bandaging. The rest of the HP is regained at most at 1HP per day of rest, in comfort and with plenty of food. Kasper's Esoteric medicine acts as an independent First-aid check and can be used specifically to treat infections. That's another 1d-2 potential regain HP (if only Kasper may succeed his first ever Esoteric Medicine check).

Riding back to the Shire is a 3-4h trip. Arnadil and Finbert could take on this trip once that they are stabilized. I'm not advocating you leaving Annuminas, but this is an option.

3 ) Keep it secret, keep it safe : The Palantir commission is to find the book and leave the library otherwise in its best possible shape. Revealing the location of the secret door to the vault to... say... orcs or trolls would not be a very good idea. How will you keep the library secret with a bunch of horses parked in front of the door? Threading the horses down the undersized spiral staircase is an animal handling at -5 for the ponies, -7 for full sized-horse. I'm not kidding.

4 ) They only come out at night : Good, you don't need to worry about that right? The GM is just messing with your head. The current time is still early morning. Sun comes down in about 6-7 hours. But really, don't worry, the stone knights were really the only thing that can hurt in Annuminas. Why am I bothering with point 4 at all?

5 ) The stone that comes out of the Lake : Araliniel isn't satisfied with the bracelet and the statue in the pool. She insists that her vision involved a ruined building on the banks of a lake.

6 ) The bracelet of the King : What's up with that? Will Arnadil have to switch sex, or assume an opposite alignment?

7 ) Where on Earth is the light switch? : One torch is 1/2 burnt, another is burning right now. There are 3 unburnt torch in your inventory (if you guys didn't write them down, they DON'T exist anymore). The vault has a lot of oil lanterns hanging, but you can't tell whether there is oil in them (they are 1000 years old). You have no oil nor candles ( Kasper has two candles, actually, for his nighttime reading). There is a lot of wood in the trolls' former lair. You are not aware of indoor hearth/fireplace.


  1. I thought we had stableized. As we walked down to the other end and I ws there when Arnadil picked up the bracelet? Yo had me roll 3 or 4 rolls I thought that was for stabilization.

    of course I may be going by D&D rules any bump in hp stabilizes.

    1. Right, you are not bleeding anymore. A second round of Frist-aid can be done after 30 minutes of First-Aid. This give up to 1d-2 HP. We didn't do this roll yet right?

  2. I think we did one roll. I got 1 hp back, arnadil got 1 or 2, Halin got 3 if I recall.

  3. I would like to make a correction. Did Kasper not prevent one of the bandits from dying, by using his Esoteric skills. Kasper saved him so that he could be executed for his crimes.

    1. The ruffian didn't die, but the stones didn't help either.