Saturday, January 26, 2013

002 - In the Shadow of Eilenach

This is a minor encounter that played out as a role playing as everyone is working out their characters. 

September 7th, FA 15
On the second night, the travelers arrived in the shadow of the Eilenach, one of the famous beacons of Gondor in the forest of Druadan. Halin, was seriously aggravated by a full day of horseback riding. As the afternoon lights were turning to gold, the company decided to find lodging for the night. Eilenach is a needle-like hill which acts as a highly distinctive landmark for the folks living in Anorien. There was much dwelling to consider. Galdor, grumpy at the prospect of sleeping in the abode of a commoner again, was desperately seeking for a more opulent looking home in the vicinity. He took his chance at a small stone home near a brook. The man who answered turned out to be a local knight of Northmen stock. Galdor claimed his right to hospitality. However, upon seeing the rest of the company, the knight opened his door to all for the night at no charge.

Much food and much drinks were to be had on that faithful evening. The host insisted in having the hobbit and the dwarf to sing folktales from faraway lands. Halin resisted the request for as long as politely possible, letting an inebriated Finbert sings his heart out. Halin eventually acquitted himself with grace and sang a few of his favourite songs of the Iron Hills, songs of Moria and songs of Erebor.

The host eventually inquired as to why such a fine company was travelling so swift to Edoras. There was a silence. Arnadil then replied, we're travelling to a mountain to cast a ring into the fire. The host, speechless, decided not to pry for the fear of having the Nazgul on his tail for the rest of his days.

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