Saturday, January 26, 2013

003 - I demand an apology!

This encounter created the cliffhanger for the end of the first session. It will be concluded in update 004.

The Inn of Geys, its doesn't get old school more than a tavern brawl.
September 10th, FA 15
The spirits were high with anticipation for the Inn of Grays was coming up. For the first time since September 5th, the company would sleep in an Inn and enjoy the amenities of a warm meal and a large pint of ale. The company passed the peak of Halfirien, famous for the tomb of Eraendil, and entered the Firien Wood. The sun had sunk already and the company found themselve plunged into a moonless night. A few questioned the wisdom of night travel, but the Inn was just "round the corner". 

Eventually, a two stories stone building emerged from the dark near a small bridge over the Mering Stream. "Here comes the midpoint between Minas Tirith and Edoras, and here comes a warm bed for the night." exclaimed Araliniel from the rear. The Inn has attracted a number of people and dwelling over the centuries. The crossing of the Merign stream is a famous fixture for anyone travelling through Anorien. Some 30 or so building are strewn across a wide clearing centered around the bridge. The company rode to the Inn and disembarqued.  Galdor opened the wide door of the Tavern and beconed a stable boy. "A bowl for my hounds!", he demanded while tossing a copper coin into the air. The stable boy ran back to the rear and roused the landlord who was busy rolling a new barrel of ale into place. The landlord, a middle-age man with a rough nervous demeanor welcomed them inside and offered them a table, not before shooing off a few of the unpaying locals playing dice in the corner. He brought to them, on the house, a drink of their choice and offered them a bowl of stew. Araliniel promptly filled her cup from a large bottle of rustic wine that the landlord placed on the table.

This evening would have come down just fine had it not been of the ruckus caused by three locals at the back. They were loud and rude. The landlady was clearly trying to get her husband to kick them out, but he refused to cause a fuss. Beside, the drunkards were armed with shortswords, which was a foreboding sign of trouble. Sensing that HIS time had come, Sir Galdor seized the chance to make his knightly presence felt. He stared at the ruffians, with no effect. These guys were tough looking, and obviously the condemning stare of a young dunedain noble wasn't enough for them to keep quiet. If anything, it encouraged them to made ruder comments. Galdor stood up and, putting his hand on his sword's hilt, asked them to to quiet down. The ruffians simply smirked and carried on. Halin and Arnadil then stood up, going so far for Halin such as to pull the warhammer out of his seat in his belt in the best menacing way that he could. This worked, the ruffians nodded and lowered their voices.

As things should have simply fallen into place, Galdor asked the landlady whether she still wanted the men to leave the premises. She assertively responded that yes, she wanted them out despite the dissaproving look of her husband. The ruffians, in no mood for a fight, downed their ale and began walking slowly toward the exit. One of them, however more intoxicated, sent his gobelet rolling to Galdor's feet. A good chivalric code lawyer may have argued that this didn't constitute a valid insult to his rank, but Galdor decided to demand an apology for the insult. The ruffians simply smiled and walked away.

Galdor grabbed the ruffian by the shirt and re-asserted his demand for an apology. The ruffian took a wild swing at Galdor's head but the knight dodged the blow. There was a bit of a contest until the ruffian broke the hold of Galdor on his shirt. One of the ruffian's friend pulled him away through the open door. Galdor roused his three great danes and walked out of the tavern, certain that he will get an apology from these dirty commoners.

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