Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Open slots for new PCs

This posts describes believable characters to be added to the company for session 2:

  1. Kharmel, Ranger of the North : (age 35) Kharmel is a mid-aged Dunedain of Numenorean descent who has been an associate of Aragon II for almost 15 years. Kharmel has spent a large part of his life containing the wights of barrow-down and patrolling the regions of old Arnor for signs of the enemy. Kharmel may be summoned by the Lord Chancellor at any time if the his knowledge or sword is required. [Kharmel is unique in his knowledge of the North and his experience in fighting dark and wild creatures in Eriador. He is an elf-friend and has received the Gift of Healing from Celbrant, elf lord of Lorien. A past encounter with Barrow-wights has scarred him, he experience flashbacks from time to time. ]
  2. Araliniel, Seer of Gondor: Araliniel (age:33) is a seer appointed by Tarquillian to the commission. Since Tarquillian cannot travel, Araliniel is entrusted with the duties of seers in the eventuality that an expedition must be struck. She is petite and of frail built. She has a keen interest in history and geography, and is considered a rising star by the King's High Seer. [Araliniel is unique as an oracle, she, however, suffers from nightmares and little life experience other than looking for "signs". There is a bad dynamics with on the of the PC already: Sir Galdor, due to the fact that she is a commoner, and a female.]
  3. Kasper Murkeshan, squire of Anorien : Kasper (age 19), Kasper is the son of a small time Anorien knight with an exceptional intellect. He has avoided serving as a squire by enlisting to the beacon guard of Eilenach (One of the beacon of Gondor). He is fighting with a bit of a weight issue (GURPS "overweight" disadvantage). He has put his hand on an old Tome called "Treatise on the mind.", which proved to be difficult to decipher, but appears to contain ancient valar knowledge on manipulating people's intellect. He has developed an not-so healthy protective instinct with respect to his treatise. His father hosted a company of the King's official a few nights ago. Kasper has seized his chance to escape his natal backwater by enlisting as squire to Sir Galdor of Dol Amroth, who is a member of the company. He has been chasing the company in the last few days in hope to catch up with them. [Kasper is unique because of his vast intellect and his budding interest in some mysterious arcane studies. He, however, has to play the squire in order to get his chance at seeing the world.]

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