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007 - In the Halls of Edoras

Arrival at Edoras

September 26th : Arrival in Edoras

As the month of Ivanneth (September) was drawing to an end, the company arrived in Edoras. The loss of horses in Firien was a serious setback to the progress of the expedition. Many in the company started to express concerned that heading into the North at this time of year was getting tricky. 

The news that the nephew of Meriadoc Brandibuck was in Edoras spread like wild fire. The King announced that a feast was to be held on that night, and that the company was to be seated as guest at the head table. Arnadil explained in the most possibly vague terms that the company was on a Royal Errand taking them to the ruins of Annuminas. The Queen, remembering fondly the young page Galdor insisted that the company accepts a gift. The gift was a large covered cart pulled by two horses a containing pavilion tents, cooking equipment, cots, a table and stools, and plenty of warm furs to keep them warm in the coming weeks of travel beyond the frontier. The King offered each company member a Rohan horse, exceptionally bred light war horses, and suitable winter clothes for each member. The service of a camp hand was proposed, but the company turned her down. "We can take care of our own camp", declared Arnadil. 

On the following day, Arnadil spent a few hours in the Library of Edoras in search for information about the North, Annuminas in particular. He found many fragments, jotted down a lot of information that he think will be useful to scour the millenia-old ruined city and filed the notes into his travel bag (successful research check). Kasper also spent time in the library, but was quiet about the object of his research.

The company was on the road again, with a four horseman escort ordered to take them to the Fords over the Isen. Before the company left Rohan, and the civilized world behind, Halin insisted in having one more stop at the Glittering Halls.

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