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Kasper Murkeshan, squire of Anorien


Please note that the biographical content pertaining to the "Treatise on the Mind" is not going to be posted here while the campaign is ongoing.

Birthday: 2 April

Early Childhood (age 0 - 7, TA 3018 to FA 3)

Kasper Murkeshan was born in the family of a knight of Anorien. Anorien is an area without much of a population base. Sir Murkeshan is a knight with the title of Keeper of Eilenach. The family's pride is in the keeping and protection of this important component of the defenses of Gondor. Kasper was born only a few weeks before the siege of Minas Tirith. His father did not attend the battle as he was responsible for the beacon. However, many of the other knights of Anorien did not come back from the battle of Pelenor field. As a result, Kasper's father remained to this day one of the few knight still alive. Kasper received the typical education of Gondorian nobility. It became clear early on that Kasper was exceptionally gifted in academic matters. It was suggested that Kasper should attend the best schools, but the family was not financially capable to do that at the time.

Skills: Westron, native speaker [0], Sindarin, elven-tongue, native reader, accented speaker [5], bow [3], Falconry [1], Animal handling (dogs) [2], wrestling [3], riding, horse [1], Poetry [2], History, Eriador [4], Area knowledge, Gondor[4], Thaumatology [1] 

Traits: Exceptional IQ, Eidetic memory, stubborn, language talent

The page years (age 7 - 14, TA 3 to 10 )

At the ripe old age of 7, Kasper was sent to Minas Tirith to serve as a page for Sir Arnon Maisk, Captain of the Watch of Minas Tirith. During his tenure there, Kasper is trained mainly as an armorer and leatherworker. This angers him as he longs for more stimulating assignments. He walks away from this step of his life with profound bitterness, and some skills that he hope will never be needed again.

This being said, Kasper's life changed completely in FA 8 when, at age 12, he acquired from a desperately broke soldier an old book bound with red leather. He paid 20 celebins for it, and he wasn't sure why at first for it was written in a strange dialect similar to Sindarin (elf tongue). The book had been "collected" by the soldier during a campaign in South Gondor against the retreating Haradrim forces. It paused a serious challenge to understand as it contained a number of unknown characters, and kept on defining words such that the later section required the earlier section to be deciphered first. Kasper became absolutely fascinated by this mysterious and ancient treatise and developed a lot of skills in linguistics and other skills (player's private information). When Kasper turned 14, he decided to return to Anorien and serve as squire to his own father, becoming a watchmen of Eilenach himself. 

Skills: Armorer, Armor [4], leatherworking [4], bow [4], Area Knowledge, Minas Tirith [4], riding, horses [4], Animal handling, horses [4], gambling [1], soldier [1], heraldry [2], two-handed sword [2]

Traits:  Shyness, overweight

The squire years (age 14 - 19, TA 10 to 15)

The life of a watchmen suited Kasper very well: he essentially was expected to be sitting quietly for days on end. This left plenty of free time to pursue is new obsession: deciphering the "Treatise on the Mind". Kasper's father noticed a change in his son's interests and behavior. Sir Murkeshan also got interested in understanding what the Treatise was about, and tried to take it from Kasper. This situation initiated a number of terrible and long lasting fights between father and son. Kasper understood that the peaceful time in Eilenach were just about over when he learned that a strange company of Royal representatives had stayed at the family manor the previous night. One of the company member was a dashing knight of Dol Amroth, who reportedly had no squire at his service. Kasper was granted the permission by his father to leave Eilenach and seek Sir Galdor of Dol Amroth to complete his training as a squire. Something was going on with this company that intrigued him, and he felt the impulse to seek the company of strangers who will not pry into his academic interests.

Skills: bow[2],

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