Saturday, February 9, 2013

004 - Son, let me tell you about swordmanship

It was a dark and ... hum, it was a dark night.

Sir Galdor did not get the apology that he wanted, although he tried. His three hounds, Storm, Ice and Fire swarmed around the ruffians, but they steadily walked away. Left on his own, and realizing that his goofy hounds were not going to attack, Galdor attempted to exact an apology one last time. He grabbed his bow, and nocked an arrow. By then, the ruffians were merging in the shadows of a starlit night. He could have gone after them, but this was becoming a dangerous business. Even a knight of Dol Amroth knows how to draw the line when the time comes.

A new man of valor in the company

About one hour after the interlude with the ruffians was concluded, the company was making merry in the Inns of Gray. The stew was almost not bland, but the country wine was working out OK. The door opened in the late hour to revel the silhouette of a portly young man of good birth. He was geared for war: with a longsword and a bow across the shoulder. He scanned the room and headed directly for the company's table. 

"My name is Kasper Murkeshan, squire of Anorien. May I join you at this table?"

Sir Galdor immediately inquired on the squire's birth and was satisfied with the answers.  It turns out that Kasper was the son of the knight of Eilenach who has hosted the company a few days ago. Kasper was seeking the mentorship of Sir Galdor, and become his squire. Galdor observed that, at age 21, he was barely more experienced than his 19 year old squire. Beside, Kasper was an extremely sharp individual, even if a little bit awkward socially. Galdor, however, took pride in his slightly superior swordmanship, and his too-photogenic Numenorean gray eyes as a proof of seniority. They spent the rest of the evening bantering, trying to find flavor in the stew, and finally crashed on their beds. 

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