Friday, February 22, 2013

Giant Eagles

Giant Eagles are nice... when they come to help. However, they were created for another purpose: to kill  two legged critters that are destroying Iluvatar's great work.


ST 18; DX 12; IQ 8; HT 25
HP 18, FP 20, Will 10; Per 12; Speed 4, Dodge 8; SM +5; 
Traits : Acute Vision 5; Flight (wing; Air move 12); No fine manipulator, sharp beak (1d pi+), sharp claws (1d pi+), Westron (accented, spoken)
Skill: brawling-16 

GMing notes

The Giant Eagle are created in this campaign world as part of one of Araliniel's dream and will not behave as allies, and not particularly rationally. They can fly very high in the sky and spot minute details on the ground. When attacking, they attempt a grapple with their claw and lift the victim off the ground. They then climb and drop their victim from a height of 30 yd, at a speed of 24, this causing a collision at a speed of 50, for HP 4d6 of crushing damage. Such charge must takes at least 1d6 + 2 seconds to setup (including turning, aligning diving). Eagles will use their beaks only when cornered, or to deal with a struggling "cargo"  (they will simply drop prematurely if they fail a Will check, or get hurt).

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