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006 - The worst crime is the slaying of a (my) horse.

Sept 11th: An unexpected delay

During the stable fire, not only a stable boy perished, but also about half of the King's horses that were used by the company. Sir Galdor and Kasper's personal palfreys died of smoke inhalation and severed burns. Also, the two smaller poneys used by Finbert and Halin died as well. 

It was decided that Sir Galdor, his squire Kasper and Arnadil as expedition leader would ride to Edoras and request more of the King's horses to resume the company's expedition. The alternative being that they ride back to Minas Tirith, which was 10 days away rather than 5. 

It was also agreed that the surviving ruffians, named Erwin and native of Minas Tirith, would be cared for until the local Sheriff could bring him to justice. Erwin woke up from his coma, both legs crippled, to be told that he was to be executed for his violent crime once Sir Galdor was to come back to the Inn of Grays.

Sept 16th : A brief audience with King Eomer

Nobody expected to meet with the King when they arrived in Edoras, but it must have been a slow day. They first reported to the gates of Edoras and were taken to the castle. Arnadil produced the Royal Edict supporting the mission, reported the tragedy in the Firien wood and requested three more horses for the continuation of the Royal Errand.  Edoras had been a home to Galdor for nearly 7 years, when, as a page of Dol Amroth, he had served in the retinue of Queen Lothiriel after her marriage to King Eomer in TA 3021. Galdor knew the castle very well, including the captain of the guard. Furthermore, Arnadil pointed out that the company also included a relative of Meriadoc Brandibuck. The captain of the guard seemed to be particularly angered by the slaying of horses. He also was surprised by the pedigree of the company members. He excused himself briefly and came back with the King.

It was agreed  that King Eomer was to release three of King Elessar's horses so the company can be reunited. He approved of the punishment exacted on on the bandits, although he pointed out that the crime had been committed within Gondor, although some 50 meters from Rohan's border or so. He bid the company farewell and made them promise to come back to Edoras for a feast.  

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