Sunday, February 10, 2013

A hex grid in Google Sketchup format

Here is a hexagon grid that can be used as a virtual battle area for GURPS, or any other game. The characters are sad, sad placeholders for now.

The grid available for download is twice as large as this. 

The file can be downloaded from here. Feel free to use as you wish. However, if you bring improvements, it would be great to let me know and show your cool swag!

Some people wondered how I made the hexagon in Sketchup. The answer is the hard way: I used the built-in compass to create 120 degree angles, made a flat box pointy and then rescaled it so all edges were the same size. The size of each hex is approximatively 3 feet. 

I'm working on a Blender 3D file which will be more flexible, although a bit harder to use than Sketchup. I think that Blender 3D will be less tedious and faster to handle in the long run. Coming soon!

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  1. I think you can make a hex pretty easy by making a circle and then typing 6s (means, give it 6 sides)