Sunday, February 24, 2013

011 - Encounter with the Red Company

Oct 8th, FA 15

The crossing of Dunland went by so far without incidents. Araliniel saw in the signs that the company passed by a ruined fortress that was hauted by a wraith. However, the company pretty much agreed that although this was useful information, that they had no intention to stir the hornet's nest. 

The temperature cooled down gradually, until it got close to the freezing point. Very few contacts were made with Dunlendings during the travel, and the few contact made were surprisingly civil. Around lunchtime, on the fifth day of crossing, the silhouette of a caravan drew over the next hill. About 20 horsemen, some heavily armored in mail and plates and some lighter equipped, were escorting a train of about 12 carts. This was the Red Company.

The Red Company, or Red Hand, is a company of mercenary mandated by the King of Gondor to ensure the safe passage of Gondorian through Dunland as per the parameters of the recent peace treaty. The Captain of the red company broke from the caravan and approached the dining travelers. The Captain, a half Northmen and half Dunlending man, inquires as to why the company would undertake such a dangerous crossing without their protection. "We simply didn't need you.", replied Arnadil in his signature honest tone. This seemed to annoy the mercenary captain. 

Finbert suddently took over the interview with the Captain while Arnadil and Galdor began to bicker about Arnadil's diplomatic skills. Finbert got from the captain that the town of Dun Lannach was two days' ride ahead, and that the road was in pretty good shape. The captain warned Finbert of one or two small tribes of wildmen that will probably take advantage of them an requires a toll to be paid.  


  1. For the record Finbert felt he had to step up. The leaders of the party were bickering like an old married couple and the guy with the brains just wanted to keep driving and leave them to the it. We needed to learn what we could!

  2. and do so with as much diplomacy as a hobbit could muster!

  3. It does not take a genius to see the best way to avoid a fight is to walk away. Did you mommy not teach you that as a young hobbit?