Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chivalric Code of Gondor

This post explores the a definition of the code of Honor (-15) disadvantage specifically for Gondor Nobility. 

Fundamental Principles

It is the duty of all nobles of Eriador to:

  1. Fullfill all formal pledges.
  2. Be loyal to the King's feudal hierarchy. 
  3. Protect all from injustice.
  4. Prosecute all forces and individual endeavouring to disrupt the work of Iluvatar. 
In absence of a law enforcement officer or a judge, each noble is required to identify injustice and prosecute perpetrators. Appropriate punishment are as follow:

  1. Noble failing to fullfill a pledge: Take culprit to the nearest lord of the land, or directly to the culprit's feudal superior.
  2. Disloyalty : Commoner: From fines and lashing (vandalism), execution (treason) Other Nobles: duel.
  3. Injustice: apologies (insult to one or others), restoration with fine, force labor, lashing, imprisonment, death (murder, rape)
  4. Working for the dark forces : Death.


  1. If the hero was actually Sir Bob, would he have been within his right, according to the Chivalric Code to judge and execute Burt, for this poorly planned attack?


  2. Sir Bob would just like to unleash his dogs and ask for an apology (as Marc likes to do).