Monday, October 28, 2013

Gesdrek Delver, Loremaster of Erebor

Lets define Gesdrek by attempting to piece together fragments of his biography. 

Gesdrek according to Throdar, son of Ilkrik

There is more to Gesdrek than the eyes can see. I can't quite pin down anything substantial about his past other than he came from the Gray Mountain at the same time as Balin. Gesdrek made my sword, he is a keen smith and an erudite. Yet, his demeanour is very unassuming. When you talk to him, it does feel like he let you in only on the surface of things. 

Gesdrek according to Bain, son of Nain, Viceroy of Khazad-dum

Although the records in the Gray Mountains are sketchy, I have found no evidence of Gesdrek's birth anywhere. Time doesn't seem to be a concern for him. As a result, he is difficult for him to talk with people which are pressed by time. Gesdrek understands more about mystic metallurgy than any other dwarves in Middle-Earth. He introduced me to Tov, the holy dwarf. He conveyed to me that there was a clear path in destiny for him and Tov to be part of reviving the cold forges of Khazad-dum. Maybe, it is because of Gesdrek that I got swayed into this thing in the first place.

Gesdrek has a keen intellect and a profound grasp of dwarvenhood. 

Gesdrek according to Gror, son of Bain

This smith turned me down when I asked him to make me a new breastplates. He peered into my eyes, scratches his beard and asked me many questions. He then told me that it wasn't the time for this. As he turned around, he sent me to one of his colleague and told me that we'd meet again. I don't think that I like this guy, master smith or not.

Gesdrek according to Gesdrek.

My own story is intertwined with the depth of knowledge that I shepherd to a point that I can't tell where I began and when I'll go. I was, once and long ago, Durin's butler. I do not remember a lot about this time, but history has told me that I probably died when the King fell to the Balrog. I then lingered in the underdeep of Middle-earth for over seven centuries. There, I learned to speak with the Earth. Over time, I forgot many things, but learn many others. I believe that my purpose was to draw untold tales and secrets from the Earth. I was humbled. I wandered the underdeep, a lonely place, until they decided that I'd have to return.

I awoke recently, I guess, some 300 years ago. It was in the Gray Mountains. In the shadows of Mount Gundabad where it all started, I helped the beleagued dwarves to rebuild on the ruins left by the dragons. Of my hands, new cities were designed, new crown jewels cut, mystic alloys fashioned into weapons and armors for Kings. The world was for me too busy, too noisy. I faded to a deep place to find peace again. During this time, I spoke to the Earth and learnt more until the time had come. 

I returned to the bustle and left the Gray Mountains to find Balin, son of Fundin. Balin had relocated to Erebor and wanted to reclaim Khazad-dum. The expedition was fraught with political turmoil. I knew that this was not the time and declined to return. I lost a friend in Moria. With the help of Bain, son of Nain,  I gained the patronage of the King under the mountain and managed to live in peace ever since. I slowed down, create little, spent years enthralled in complex plans and devices with no direct applications to Kings and dwarves. 

I got my nose out in the world when news that a holy dwarf had arrived. His name was Tov. I believe that he may be the key for the next coming of Durin. Some erudite upstarts have predicted that the 7th and last incarnation of Durin the deathless will be born as the son of Thorin III (The current King). My guess is that the return of my old King could also be in 780 years. I guess I'll know soon enough either way. 

It is time for me to don the breastplate, wave my axe over my head and bond with the dwarves of the day. Destiny awaits.


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    1. I think that Bain the Viceroy, Khazek the impulsive, Gror the Prince, Thordar the sly and Gesdrek the Maiar, we have an interesting crew for KD!

  2. I like it. There's the right level of disinterest and deep interest and it really depends what's going on. The "peer into eyes and ask many questions" begs for some degree of social skill; psychology or maybe even politics. So he understands such things, but chooses not to participate.

    1. If you want something put in our taken out. Let me know. I like him already.

    2. As-is? Even with all those levels of Talent?