Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Character Awards for Reclaiming Khazad-dum Session 4

Here are the characters awards for Session 4 (Thranduil Hall):
  • Bain
    • 1 pt into Sindarin (spoken, broken level) OR Sindarin (written, broken level)
    • 2 pts toward something else than skills.
      • Arne decided to allocate 2pt to add Ngai as a Contact:
        • Effective Skill 12 (Hidden Lore, History, etc), usually reliable X 2, comes fairy often (9) X 1 . Ngai will be using Dream as a medium to contact Bain. This is the coolest two points spent by a PC I've seen.
  • Khazek
    • 1 pt into either Body language or Psychology
    • 2 pts towards something else than skills.
      • Put these towards a Stalker Talent level.
  • Donarik
    • 1 pt into Shortsword (for playing with it... barely enough not to be at default with it).
    • 2 pt towards Fearlessness (chasing a wraith...)
  • Gimvar
    • 2 pts toward Per or 1pt towards Observation
    • 1 pt towards Acting

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