Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Character Awards for the Palantir Commission

Social Map

The company have impressed Kirken and Taaso sufficiently to make them sympathetic to their cause, but within very limited parameters. A good reaction means that they are willing to help if it is profitable to them. A very good reaction implies some level of material support, but no risk taking. 

The sailors have been distressed by the perils of the North, and by the visions of horrors that took place during the walrus encounter. It is difficult to pin them down as a group, but their support varies from Neutral to Bad (will do harm if profitable). 

Collective Delusion

You guys are doing great at turning a blind eye to Kasper's spellcasting: both metagamingwise and also in-game. So many things have occurred during stressful situations that each member of the company is under a minor delusion (Valar Patron). The coincidental and convenient occurence of trolls falling asleep, and wraith raids scaring walruses, combined with your encounter with Linluile in Annuminas, has lead you to the impression that you are under the protecting hand of the Valar Irmo. Delusions affect social interaction where you may find natural to point out your awesome patron, while other will simply assume that you have a delusion.

Area Knowledge, savoir faire,

Everyone may allocate 1 pt into Area Knowledge (Forochel), or Savoir-Faire (Lossoth), or Hidden Lore (Forochel), or keep the points as a free re-roll.

Individual Award

  • Araliniel
    • 1pt into Rapier
    • 1 free point
  • Arnadil
    • 1 pt into Diplomacy
    • 2 pt into any social skills
  • Finbert
    • 1 pt into Blowpipe OR Wrestling
    • 2 pt into any social skills
  • Galdor
    • 1 pt into Broadsword
    • 1 pt into Shield
  • Halin
    • 1 pt Diplomacy
    • 1 pt Grip Mastery Perk (allow grip change without a ready action)  OR
    • 2 pt into Rapid Strike (Two-Handed Axe Mace) []
  • Irina
    • 2 pt into Fast-Draw (bow)
    • 1 pt into Disarming smile shtick.
  • Kasper
    • 2 pt into Panic Spell
    • 1 pt into Longsword
  • Thannolf
    • 2 pt into Wrestling
    • 1 pt into knife
    • 1 pt into Diplomacy, Sex Appeal or Detect Lies.

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