Saturday, September 14, 2013

K13 - The Botanical Educations of Dwarves

This session was all combat, it started one that has yet to be finished. Here is the update so we all remember how the last session ended. The session started with this scene:

The orc sarge was excitedly shouting at the Green Wizard. 

Another view of the cave looks like this:

The case of armless Benny

Vadek and Khazek bursted into the giant obsidian cave. The orc that they were pursuing was yelling at the Green Wizard that dwarves had breached into the tower. The wizard ordered the orc to keep "it" safe from them. Khazek turned around and headed back up the stairs toward the other doorway. 

Vadek pulled a hatchet from his belt and started to inch toward the orc. The wizard, seeing where that was going, attempted to cast a spell on him. Luckily, the dwarven resilience to magic had the best of the spell and Vadek shook the dizziness off. 

Vadek cut the orc's arm clean off with
his hatchet.
Vadek slowly advanced down to the orc until he felt that he had a clean shot at him. His hatchet tore though the air and sliced the orc's weapon arm clean off (it happened just like that: see photographic evidence to the right).  The orc stood still, flabergasted (mentally stunned in GURPS's speak). 

Vadek ran down to the stunned orc and refrained from slamming him over the edge. He noticed that the orc held in his remaining hand a short obsidian wand. Vadek went for a double amputation, but the orc's weak attempt to get out of the way frustrated him from his aesthetic aspiration. The orc instead fell dead to the ground, still with five fingers in tow. 

Vadek picked up the wand and his hatchet. Over his head, Donarik was about to be swept off the cliff and Gimvar was impaled by the huorn. He decided to run back up to link with his friends.

Dancing with the Wizard

Khazek ran up to the cave's main entrance and began to struggle to force the door open. He was soon joined by Donarik and Gimvar, his ranger subordinates. By the time that the door was pushed open, Drolf had joined them and the four dwarves burst into the cave with a roar. 

Khazek avoided the magic eye. Behind him Drolf was barking commands. The large tree behind the throne started to move, as he had suspected it would. The wizard cast a spell and started to back down. Khazek was catching up quickly. He held his obsidian wand and triggered a bust of noise from the eye on the ground. Khazek, now prey to tunnel vision, bypassed the huorn and ran straight to the wizard. 

The huorn was now moving forward, leaving a rough ground where its roots had been. The wizard, backing away from the charging ranger, tripped and fell to the ground. Khazek put all of his efforts into thrusting the wizard with the pointy end of his grand-father's staff but in the excitement managed to let it slip (rolled 18... hey). The wizard, having lost his spell, grabbed the staff and threatened the dwarf with it. 

Khazek jumped on the laying man, both knee first, in an attempt to neutralize the wizard. He slipped, leaving his foe's hands free to grab unto his throat (Photographic evidence above). The wizard's claim to fame was not wrestling, and thus failed to grapple the dwarf.  

Khazek applied his full weight and all limbs to pin down the wizard (for the records, 8 CP using Technical grappling's new rules). Leaving him helpless and begging for mercy... just in time for us to wrap up the session. 

The grumpy Huorn

In the wake of Khazek, the other dwarves followed. The green wizard vanished from sigh when Drolf ran into a large green orb being held by the roots of the huorn. He took a swing at the roots and severed some of them. While the clash of combat thundered behind him, he used the cutting edge of his shield to hack at the remaining roots. 
Donarik skipping rope while Drolf and Gimvar are doing some

The orb eventually got knocked from its ligneous socket and rolled on the floor. Drolf, expecting the event to leave the huorn listless, did not expect the monster's three large limbs raining on him simultaneously. Drolf managed to avoid a sweep attempt which left him at the very edge of the precipice. 

Gimvar had meanwhile ran to the tree to strike at its trunk.  One of the huorn's limb struck down and impaled him firmly through the shoulder. Gimvar tried for two turns to push himself out of his predicament (by trying to undermine the 6CP held by the Huorn), but ended being whipped around like a puppet. 

At that precise time, Gimvar got caught between the limb and Drolf. His boot rammed heavily into Drolf's shoulder and sent him teetering at the cusp of the open chasm. 

A few instant earlier, Donarik thought it helpful to stop short of walking under the huorn's canopy and instead stopped to taunt the monster. His natural obnoxiousness must have come across well enough because one of the huorn's limb attempted to sweep him off into the open space to his left (Photographic evidence above). 

Donarik made it once or twice to the brink of the chasm and managed a few good blows with his axe. Eventually, the limb that he was about to sever got pulled away to strike on Drolf. Donarik let out another taunt and noticed old Kalin from Aglarond*, entering the fray at last.

* Kalin is Khazek's uncle and a master armor maker. He made each piece of his armor with pride. However, the sheer weight of his masterwork is such that Uncle K tends to get into the action with a few turn's delay.     


  1. This was a fantastic session, Christian! Very exciting and interesting!