GURPS Tsukumogami

This campaign is a play-by-post set in early Tokugawa Japan.  The actual play takes place on Google documents and over a private G+ community (anyone interested may ask to be invited).

The characters are created with 50-65 character points and are thus far from being heroes. Although the goal isn't about leveling up, there is lots of room to take them places.


Iwasaki Ōdōmo, Samurai bound for Edo

Character Sheet (Jeromy French)
  1. The poison gift (complete)
  2. Odomo-Sensei

Na Kumaori, Heirless headman of Fujisawa

Character Sheet (Jason Packer)

  1. Casting a net for a groom (complete) 
  2. ongoing

Jirōji of Sukumo, a fisherman with a skull in his closet

Character Sheet (Travis Smith)

  1. A secret in a box
  2. ongoing


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